Epic Games recently released a patch update for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and many new elements have been added to the popular royal battle. SynaPse Station is one of the new POIs added to the game, and players will have to visit this place to perform several quests and tests.

Station SynaPse is located on the street. South edge of cards Far to east from Chonker Racing Poi. This new POI belongs to seven, and its design is incredibly similar to seven cashposts. Players can use the map image below as reference information to get to the SynaPse Station interest point in Fortnite, chapter 3, season 2.

Where to find a scientist in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

At SynaPse station there is a refueling station, a van for rebooting, several vehicles and a plurality of chests throughout the POI. Players will also find scientist NPC at this SynaPSE station, and you can purchase the following items from this NPC:

  • Shock-wave grenades for 36 gold bars
  • Storm scout for 500 gold bars
  • Reveal Storm Future Circle for 175 gold bars


You can also donate gold bars on armored battle bus Located in Poi Synapse Station. The introduction of gold bars will help finance the combat modernization necessary for the armored combat, since the seven fights with an imaginary order.

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