Superstar Tadej Pogacar was warned. “I know he’s a bit crazy. He told me at the start of his seatpost and told me, I should not follow him better at the descent,” said the Tour de-France champion about his interview with Matej Mohoric. This won with great darity and technical sophistication the 113rd spring classic Milan-Sanremo on Saturday. Pogacar followed the Council, and so neither he nor Landsmann Primoz Roglic continued their winning streak in cycling, and yet the little Slovenia rejoined again. Because Mohoric is quasi of the third in the Bound of a Golden Generation.

Mohoric: “I have used a lowered seatpost”

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At least Mohoric was proud of his coup. “I used a lowered seatpost, as it is common at mountain bike,” explained the man from Kranj. “So far, you did not use that in street cycling, because the weight was too big,” Mohoric explained. The Slovene took a hyperleth on the market. At Tempo 80, he moved several times from the deeper, aerodynamically cheaper position to the higher normal position at Tempo 80, which offered him more security when tax. So he rescued two seconds ahead of the Frenchman Anthony Turgis.

“I’ve killed the cycling for the second time,” said Mohoric with a view of his experimentation. Nine years ago, he became famous with the now forbidden Supertuck position as he sitting on the top tube sitting aerodynamically the mountains. He had, his reading, for the first time his sport “killed”. Now the World Association UCI has received the next (regulatory) task of him.

Just driving down the mountain, but also at Mohoric is not enough to win a 293 kilometer classic. The 27-year-old has a considerable endurance ability. With two stair victories at the Tour de France, one of them over almost 250 kilometers through the bourgogne rich in vineyards, he left last year.

Novum in the WorldTour

The victory in Sanremo caused a novelty. It was the fifth victory that went to Slovenia in the sixth WorldTour race of this season. This ensures a stir. Only two million inhabitants, of which seven professionals in the WorldTour has Slovenia. Germany represents 34 WorldTour driver for comparison. However, none of the goodness is Pogacars or Roglics. Both are exceptional talents.

They received the good training infrastructure of Slovenia and the varied topography of the country, as Mohoric explained. Of course, over the Slovenian cycling wonder also hovers a doping shadow. Cyclists and managers were brought into conjunction with the Thuringian dopary doctor mark S. Milan dart, Slovenian ex-cyclists and founders of the Rennstall Bahrain Victorious, stood for doping persons already under special observation of the UCI. Durable material against him or one of the Slovenian top drivers did not come out.

At a raid in the Team Hotel of Bahrain Victorious in the previous Tour de France, traces of the muscle agent Tizanidin were found. But the remedy was not on the doping ban list and is currently being investigated by the Wada World Antidoping Agency on its potentially performance-enhancing effects.