For several days, the eShops of Nintendo Wii and DSI are no longer available. Players now make great worries: come back the stores? There are no answer from Nintendo. Why this is a problem for owners of the consoles, let’s look at more closely.

Nintendo eShops of Wii and DSi are down

The two consoles Wii and DSi certainly belong to the sessions and no longer in bulk consoles of Nintendo. Nevertheless, the current status of the eShops now comes pretty surprisingly for owners of these devices. Because Since the 16th of March , both are separated from the Nintendo network (Source: Kotaku).

And that without explanation of the publisher. That old consoles will no longer know support, is a pretty normal process, but actually a final shutdown will be communicated before. Not so in this case.

Only a few weeks ago Nintendo had informed about the shutdown of Wii U and 3DS . Thus, the players and players have received a lead time of several months to hire themselves:


Nintendo concludes: equal 2 consoles come to the siding

Daniel Hartmann

So far, it is not clear whether it is a technical mistake and the shops may come online again. In this case, Nintendo would certainly have reported to speak. And there is radio styles so far.

Nintendo switch Error Code 2618-0516 FIX!! Unable to connect to the other user’s console

What is bad at the switched-off eShops?

Since 2017, owners of the DSI could not buy any games in the online shop. Since 2019, the Scots for new purchases have also been dense in the Wii shop. Nevertheless, it was important for the renewed download already bought games that the consoles will continue to hang on the network. This is currently currently and if Nintendo does not fix it, in the future not the case.

Especially at valuable gaming beads of the two systems, for which it is scary difficult to get to physical specimens, the sudden shutdown is a large disaster. So if you could not supply yourself with a download of the digital favorite game, now looks into the tube.

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