Last January, a new exploit was discovered in the Dark Souls 3 code, which forced fromSoftware to close the online servers of the game in question, as well as Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls: Remastered.

The exploit in question allowed the hacker to execute code remotely on the PC of another player , which could lead in terrible consequences (theft of passwords and identifiers, installation of ‘a bitcoin miner…), or Also to trigger spam in discord with a link to the virus to contaminate other machines.

Today, and as the team teams promised, the details of the famous exploit have been publicly revealed. It is noticed that other fromSoftware games, including Elden Ring, could be affected by this type of vulnerability.

Elden Ring in danger?

Thank you Dark Souls & Elden Ring compilation 119

In fact, LuKeyui , the Dark Souls Antitrampse system developer, said the following to the VGC colleagues: _ “The implementation of Easy Anti Cheat in Elden Ring has many flaws and can be avoided in a way Trivial in several ways “_.

However, in Elden Ring it seems that vulnerabilities are stopped in the anti-trap system . According to the aforementioned LuKeyui, the MrsOstware teams have worked hard on the coding of vulnerabilities, including those that allow computer pirates to perform these famous feats. _ “To my surprise, they were all fixed at Elden Ring, which is incredible” _, he said.

About Dark Souls

Servers for Dark Souls games on PC had been closed by fromSoftware until after the release of Elden Ring, that is to say up on February 25 , supposedly.

In this regard, Bandai Namco said: _ “We would like to thank the whole community of Dark Souls and the players who contacted us directly with their concerns and offered solutions. Thanks to you, we have identified the cause of the problem and we are working in order to solve it”. […] Due to the time he has configuring the appropriate test environments, the Dark Souls online service for PC will not be resumed until after the release of Elden Ring. We will continue to do everything that is within our reach to restore these services. as soon as possible”._

From now on, PC servers in question are still inactive , and players begin to get impatient because they have not been able to access them for two months. In any case, it seems that the company still has work for doing in the game, to finally reopen soon (we hope), the servers of the game Dark Souls.