In the Nintendo eShop is currently running a large sale with Indie beads for Nintendo Switch. Overall, there are more than 1,000 games cheaper, including some of the greatest reviews of recent years, but also many exciting insider tips that have not received the attention you deserve. The offers are still running until March 27th. In this article we present you ten of the highlights. The overview of all deals can be found here:

Indie-Highlights Sale in Nintendo eShop: To the offers for Nintendo Switch


Hades is undoubtedly one of the largest indie hits and criticity lies in recent years. The Roguelike sends us into the underworld of Greek mythology, where we play the son of God Hades, who tried to escape the dominion of his father. For this we fight ourselves in Hack & Slash style through heap creatively designed monsters. We can count on the support of other gods that give us special skills on the go. After death, we have to start from the front, but turn up new weapons and skills and learn that we make the acquaintance of other gods, more and more about the amazingly complex background history.

Hades instead of 24,99 € for 16,24 € in the Nintendo eShop

Loop Hero

The Loop Hero published in December for Nintendo Switch is one of the last year’s indie surprise hits. This is likely to be the unusual game principle, our hero is always running through a circular world, doing heaps of monster in the style of a fantasy role-playing game and collects treasures, weapons and equipment. But we do not control the hero, but design the world through which he goes. The aim is to balance them so that he makes a lot of prey on the one hand, but on the other hand is not overwhelmed by too many and strong enemies. In between, we expand the camp with the collected resources and release upgrades.

Loop Hero instead of 14,99 € for € 11.24 in the Nintendo eShop

Dead Cells

The 2D Action Platformer Dead Cells is one of the big roguelike hits of recent years. As usual in the genre, we have to start from the beginning when we die. However, we always switch new weapons and skills releases, so we still make progress. In addition, the random configured structure of the levels ensures that no passage is similar to the other. Compared to the competition, Dead Cells is characterized by the exciting fights: Each of the diverse enemy types has its own attack pattern, so we need to adapt our tactics again and again. In addition, we have a wide selection of weapons and skills to have completely different game styles.

Dead Cells instead of 24,99 € for 14,99 € in the Nintendo eShop


In Gris, we control the title dog through a beautifully drawn, surreal 2D world. Playful is a mixture of platformers, exploration and puzzle play. Our task is to bring the color back to the beginning gloomy game world. A big role plays the singing, through which Gris can even bring animals and plants back to life. The gameplay is rather simple, fighting does not exist. The focus is rather atmosphere and story. The latter deals with serious issues such as loss and loneliness and is told without words alone by the environment and the gestures of the figures. This is a great game for all those who are more looking for an emotional experience than a challenge.

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Gris instead of 16,99 € for € 5.09 in the Nintendo eShop

The Messenger

In the Action Platformer The Messenger we take it as Ninja with a demon army. The game starts as a strict linear adventure in the classic 8-bit look, but suddenly changes when the main character makes a jump into the future. Now there is much more detailed 16-bit graphics, a modernized soundtrack and a much more open game world that invites you to explore in Metroidvania style. While we try to discover the secrets of this world, we always change between 8-bit past and 16-bit future. In the course of the game, we not only learn new skills, but can also upgrade existing upheaval, which is very helpful for the hard boss fights.

The Messenger instead of 19,99 € for 7,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

Katana Zero

In Katana Zero we take over the role of the Assassin Zero and let our Katana heads roll. Not without reason the 2D Action Platformer is released despite his at first glance rather cute pixel art styles only from 18. However, the protagonist is not only bugged and very mobile, but also has the ability to slow down the time. This brings a tactical component into the game as it gives us the time to carefully plan our approach, which is also necessary in partly very demanding struggles. Between the levels there are short calmer sections in which we experience Zero at home and talk to his therapist. Here the mysterious story is told, which holds some exciting twist.

Katana Zero instead of 14,99 € for 8,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

Streets of Rage 4

This is likely to have not expected hard-known fans: Segas Famous beating game series Streets of Rage has finally got a new part after more than 25 years. Streets of Rage 4 looks a bit more colorful than his predecessors, but remains largely faithful to this, but with bare fists we struggle through the streets dominated by criminals of a big city, to put the craftsman’s gridity. At the beginning we get ahead easily, but soon the opponents become tough, so we only have a chance if we use the numerous combos and special skills efficiently. But we can also get support and compete in the team with up to four players.

Streets of Rage 4 instead of 24,99 € for 14,99 € in the Nintendo eShop


Toem is an adventure about the fun of taking pictures. Only with a camera armed we go on a journey that leads us through dense forests, snowy mountains, a sleepy village on the coast and the busy streets of a big city. From the top-down perspective, we control our character through the territories held in black and white, meet other figures that give us orders, or make your own drive snapshots of curious characters, memorable sights and cute animals. Tem toem tells many interesting stories that are partly limited to individual areas and draw partly like a red thread through our journey.

Toem instead 17,99 € for 12,59 € in the Nintendo eShop

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is a relaxed exploration game in a colorful, cute look. As an anthropomorphic bird hiking, climb we sail through a pretty, autumn landscape. On the way we can find treasures, talk to other hikers or relax while fishing. But although the charm of A Short Hike is a large part in enjoying the environment, we also have a mission: we want to climb the snowy peak of a mountain because it should give up mobile phone reception. On the way we meet many other figures for which we can do small tasks. The partly bizarre, partly heartfelt encounters with these figures contribute a lot to the charm of the game.

A Short Hike instead of 6,99 € for € 4.89 in the Nintendo eShop


Bastion is the first hit of the famous Studio Supergiant Games, which also comes from the above mentioned Hades. The action role play now applies as an indie classic, which is not least likely to be on the fairytale style design. We assume the role of a nameless child who travels through a world broken into many small pieces with the aim of putting them together again. Although the protagonist is dumb, but we are constantly accompanied by a narrator commenting on our actions. The fights are reminiscent of isometric Hack’n’Slash-RPGs in the style of a Diablo. Character progress and finding better equipment, however, are less important than skill and learning efficient tactics.

Bastion instead of 12,49 € for 2,49 € in the Nintendo eShop

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