For many PC users, Steam is known above all as a gaming platform, but the Valve service also houses a wealth of software away from the gambling pleasures. From now on, Stream users can find one of the most popular streaming programs.

Steam grabs OBS Studio

How nice would it be to find everything in a place? PC players enjoy great freedom and high individualization options on their computer. The price is often a Launcher and Provider Jungle , which is not always comfortable.

Steam is now trying to remedy and get the popular and free streaming software Open Broadcaster Software Studio – better known as OBS Studio – in the boat. So far, the recording application had to be manually downloaded either on the official website or other third-party providers (Source: Steam).

Should Steam be your usual games at home, you can now safely cover your Obs Studio and have everything in a launcher **.

What are the advantages of the steam version?

The first good news: If you decide to run Obs studio over Steam, all your stored settings, scenes and more stay. So is no annoying new messages needed.

Pressure Reducing Valves in Steam Heating Systems

Especially for Update muffle the Steam version offers a decisive advantage. As soon as your Steam starts, the launcher starts automatically (if not otherwise set) by downloading available updates. So now also at OBS Studio.

In the standalone version you will always be asked if you want to post an update and must be active by itself. Just if your OBS Studio does not use frequently, so some patches can force themselves, which you must first manually download.

Otherwise, the free Steam version of OBS Studio offers all the functions that the standalone version also offers . The first reviews on Steam also fall very positively, so the program seems to run well as usual.