A PC port made by fans of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, one of the most beloved games of all time, has been completed and released. Nintendo fanatics have a history of trying to take the Japanese giant’s games to the PC, since players want to experience the classics of new forms and also make them more accessible. Although emulation has existed for years, detailed PC ports require much more time and effort. Sometimes, Nintendo also responds to these ports. A PC port of Super Mario 64 was hit with copyright claims from Nintendo, since it was not officially authorized by the developer.

Despite knowing the potential risks, that did not stop Harbor Masters developer. The developer has launched the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on PC through an unofficial port. The Nintendo 64 classic port presents an ultrachantal screen resolution, HD graphics, keyboard compatibility, modding and even gyroscope orientation. Harbor Masters also plans 60 FPS images, double lever camera controls, support for Mac and Linux, and much more in the future. The port of Ocarina of Time works with a piece of software called Ship of Harkinian, which is now available in Github. According to CVGlos players, they must use their own N64 ROM of legal origin to obtain the port and software will extract the Nintendo assets and produce a native version for PC.

Harbor Masters hopes that this reverse engineering technique is protected from any legal action by Nintendo. However, Habour Masters still wants players to admit the online Nintendo Switch version of Time_ __ if possible. The developer is working on a similar port of Majora_ as well as. It remains to be seen if Nintendo will try to challenge this port for PC, but it is an exciting perspective for people who wish to experience one of the most acclaimed games of all times on PC.

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