The reports around the internal dispute during the relegation-threatened football Bundesliga club Hertha BSC do not break off. On Wednesday afternoon, the Grand Investor Lars Windhorst personally speaking to his own way to defend himself against the recent reporting on him.

What happened? In a “Lars Windhorsts picture” report, it was finally called, Windhorst had hit a secret meeting with Herthas Lars Windhorstshead Fredi Bobic some time ago.

In this case, Windhorst should have submitted the promise, among other things, at least until the desired class preservation in the Bundesliga no longer publicly negatively comment on Hertha BSC.

He should then have broken this promise on the last weekend when he raised publicly to the fall of the club’s president Werner counterbauer.

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The accusation of the media report, the 45-year-old Hertha investor did not want to leave the 45-year-old Hertha investor on Wednesday. Such an oral assurance, no longer in public to become athletic or administrative topics Hertha BSC, have never been to be said, explained Windhorst Via Twitter.

“The claim I would have agreed at a meeting with Fredi Bobic to express myself publicly to Hertha until May, is invented and lied. I can and would never give such a commitment. Because I am for transparency, openness and against back room “, the shareholder of Tennor Holding wrote in social media.

It makes him the type of discussion, as it is currently practiced by the media after Windhorst’s perception, “very affected”.

Lars Windhorst stoppt Hertha BSC Doku! Gegenbauer vs. Windhorst / Tennor. Machtkampf bei Hertha BSC.
In truth, at the time of the meeting with Fredi Bobic has long since been agreed with the “picture” an interview appointment, in which “naturally” was clear that it would go around Hertha BSC.

In conversation with “picture TV”, among other things, the hard-known statements against president counterbewer fell.