Cygames launched “ Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition ” on March 24th. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch. The price is the package version and the download version including tax included 2530 yen. The same work is the inexpensive version of “Shadow Birth Champions Battle”.

“Shadow Birth Champions Battle” is a game based on the anime “Shadow Bath”. An original story set up in Teno Gakuen with the familiar characters in TV animation will be unfolded. The original animation version is a content that can also enjoy the boy and girl, and the story is also simple. On the other hand, the effect and the game play surface inherit the attractiveness of the smartphone version. The operating surface is optimized for Nintendo Switch, and the game tempo is also light. There are both flashy and comfort. The same work has been released from Xseed Games, but the alpine version of the review integrated site Metacritic Metascore is 82. The user score is 8.4 and high levels, and the game content is highly evaluated at home and abroad.

The “Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition” released this time is the game content is the same as “Shadow Birth Champions Battle”. However, the price is set cheaply, and the “premium path + 10 level legendary card” of DLC is included. The same DLC is an item that can be used in the network battle, and a reward that can be acquired at each season level of the battle path is added.

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When the points needed to raise the season level are pre-granted, it is possible to raise the season level to earn luxurious rewards including powerful legendary cards. It is a so-called battle path. The same DLC is sold for a single item for 3000 yen. “Shadow Bath His Champions Battle Legendary Edition” is a fairly bargain because of 2530 yen. If you are concerned about this work, you will be good to consider purchasing.

“Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition” is on sale from March 24 to Nintendo Switch.