Cygames Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Segemes, Headquarters: Headquartered, Representative Director), Cygames, Inc. In the title “Shadow Birth Champions Battle”, we will notify you that the new edition “Legendary Edition” has started sales from March 24 (Thursday).

# “Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition”

“Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition” is a set of “Shadow Birth Champions Battle” Game, and DLC “Premium Pass + 10 Level Legend Card” is a set, and sales price 2,530 yen (tax included) and easy to seek It is a product.

  • Name: Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition

  • Planned price: 2,530 yen (tax included)

  • Release Date: March 24, 2012 (Thu)
  • Platform: Nintendo SwitchTM
  • Contents of recording
    · “Shadow Birth Champions Battle” game main story
    · DLC “Premium Pass + 10 Level Legendary Card”

※ This story is the same as “Shadow Birth Champions Battle” released November 5, 2020.
※ This product does not come with “ShadowVerse” bonus serial code “Shadow Birth Champions Battle Set”.
※ Premium rare card (first time bonus limited specification) “Dark Dragoon Forte” is not included in this product.
※ Use of online play requires subscription to “Nintendo Switch Online” (for a fee).
※ With the launch of the Legendary Edition, the production of the normal version of the package version and the sale of the download version have ended.

# “Shadow Birth Champions Battle”

“- Now, the battle of you evolves!”
“Shadow Birth Champions Battle” is a Card Battle RPG on the world of TV anime “Shadow Bath”. The player will be the main character, and we will carry out the original story set in Teno Gakuen with the characters familiar with TV animation. It is full of elements that can enjoy hot battle with rivals and friends with friends, such as special summoning production and original cards.

# DLC “Premium Pass + 10 Level Legend Card”

“Premium Path” is an item that can be used in the “Shadow Birth Champions Battle” network battle, and rewards that can be acquired at each season level of battle path are added and luxurious.
“Premium Pass Legendary Card + 10 Level” included in this product is a powerful “legendary card” when the points needed to raise the season level are pre-granted and raising the season level. It is a DLC that can earn luxurious rewards.

[Legendary card that can be acquired]

Shining Valkly
Class: Elf

Legend Sword Commander
Class: Royal

Seven’s Force Sorcerer
Class: Witch

Infinite Flame Dragon
Class: Dragon

Dead Soul Taker
Class: Necromancer

Abyssdem Road
Class: Vampire

Imperial Saint
Class: Bishop

# “Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition” Product Information

Title: Shadow Birth Champions Battle Legendary Edition From: Shadow Birth Champions Battle Main Edition / Premium Path + 10 Level Legendary Card Platform: Nintendo SwitchTM Genre: Card Battle RPG Play Number of People: One Person (2 People: 2) Packages Version Hopes Retail Price: 2,530 yen (tax included) Download Sales price: 2,530 yen (tax included) Release date: March 24, 2022 (Thu) CERO: B Development: Cygames Co., Ltd. official site: / rights notation: (C) Cygames, Inc.