The fans of marvel players of xbox should not lose sight of this new command for xbox series and its corresponding charging station. And it is that This hcharging station been shared by the company specialized in gaming accessories, confirming all the details of such a special edition and its price: $ 179.99 .

Limited edition inspired by Marvel

Thus, this new control of xbox series x | s , also compatible with xbox one and pc , presents a unique appearance inspired by the figure of the new Captain America, that is, Falcon , after the events of the popular UCM series. Its design shows the main features of the new Sam Wilson Capi costume , both colors and the different traits of the suit, in addition to the iconic shield for a matching load bcharging statione.

Among the own characteristics that Razer announces, beyond its exterior design, we find about triggers that fit and vibrate depending on the characteristics of the game in real time. In addition, both triggers and grinder zones come with a specific relief ** for a greater grip.

GSP Vs Captain America Fight Scene

Special mention for the Load Bcharging statione , which beyond the shield of Captain America, offers fcharging stationt load so that the command is charged to one hundred percent in less than 3 hours and comes with protection for overheating and short circuits . In addition, it offers a magnetic coupling ** for greater security.

It is not yet for sale, although we can subscribe to Razer notifications to know its reservation and marketing date with a price, charging station we say, of $ 179.99 . We recently knew the new Xbox Series S controls bcharging stationed on Sonic 2: the film, with housings coated “hair” in Sonic and Knuckles style.