There is no longer a secret that Battlefield 2042 was a big disaster. The ego shooter came to the fans as well as well, as well, he remained far behind the expectations. But that does not prevent Electronic Arts and Dice to work already active on a successor . A leak even reveals the first details.

New Battlefield already in progress

As is apparent from a report of the well-known insider and Leakers Tom Henderson, has been a new Battlefield for some time in active development. Electronic Arts failed to provide all the necessary resource for this project to bring the popular shooter brand back into the track. The previously unknown game is in the phase of pre-eruption , the developers want to learn when working out of Battlefield 2042 mistakes.

Battlefield 2042 - EA Responds, Rough Development Revealed, Future of Battlefield, and More!

Furthermore, there are already first information about setting the next Battlefield game. Accordingly, the game happening will be located either in a modern contemporary scenario or a scenario in the near future . In addition, Dice allegedly gives plans to reverse some of the controversial changes from Battlefield 2042 (now € 24.70). Possible candidates could be the 128-player limit as well as some of the specialists.

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What’s the future of Battlefield?

Electronic Arts and Dice have not expressed these rumors so far. However, Tom Henderson has already proven several times as reliable source in the gaming industry. It should be considered almost certain that the shooter series will have a future despite the flop by Battlefield 2042. After all, the games have previously sold millions of times and ensured good sales.

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