In the current 0.3.2 Build Core Keeper, in the Talent tree there are nine skills with the skill levels that you can raise. Alignment of these Ranks of skills will give players points for use in TAILT Tree .

Inserting points into the talent tree, you open the ranks, for each of which requires five points to go to the next row of skills. Each grade rank also opens up various abilities that change and improve a certain skill.

These abilities may increase five times , and the bonus will increase each time. Below are all rings of skills and bonuses that they give in Core Keeper.

All Mining Ranks in Core Keeper

  • Efficient excavations: Increases production damage
  • Single Shakhtar : gives you a chance to get more ore when mining ore walls.
  • Miner’s power: turns a certain percentage of damage from mining in the damage in the near battle.
  • Choose and run!: gives a short-term increase in the speed of movement after mining the wall, but it lasts only for a short period of time.
  • Archaeologist: gives a small chance of loss of a valuable subject with digging of any walls.
  • My mine!: Increases the speed of mining.
  • Night vision: Increases the visible distance to ore.
  • Explosion engineer: gives more explosive damage from bombs.

All ranks running skills in Core Keeper

endurance Run: Reduces the amount of food flowing during running.
* Balanced Rack: Increases the chance to dodge if you are standing in place for a short time.
* It is necessary to go fast!: Increases the speed of movement after a sequential run for a short period of time.
* On the fingers of the legs: Increases the speed of movement after evading the attack.
Escape artist: Reduces the duration of slowing down and stunning.
* Saving a tempo: Increases damage after running for a certain period of time.
* Explosion: The speed of movement of the nearest enemies is reduced when the player is near.
* Destruction of barriers: gives strengthening armor depending on the speed of the player’s movement.

All Gardening Skills in Core Keeper

Sick gardener: Increased chance to get seeds when collecting plants.
* Eating your vegetables: Increasing the number of food when drinking plants or cooked plants.
Territory weapons: Increases critical damage.
An experienced gardener: Increases the chance that the plants will become gold, if they plan the player.
Thorning leather: Increases spike damage.
Strong poison: Increases damage from poison.
Weapon with a poisonous coating: * Increases the chance to apply poison to enemies and reduces the healing of the enemy.

FASTEST way to max out MELEE SKILL! | Core Keeper
* The bottomless can with water: gives a chance not to use water when watering plants.

All Ranks Fishing Skills in Core Keeper

  • Advant of fisherman: Fish will start approaching it to catch it.
  • Fisherman’s luck: Increases the likelihood that the fish will fall on the hook.
  • Listed patterns: Increases the chance to avoid.
  • Well-trained goal: Damage applied by the fishing rod is considered a distance damage.
  • Sustainable legs: Reduces the impact of slippery movement.
  • The power of omega-3!: Increases damage on bosses after eating fish or cooked fish.
    Throwing expert: Increases rod throwing distance.
    Improved bait: Increases the chance that the fish bend faster.

All Ranks of Life Power Skills in Core Keeper

  • exhausted!: Increases the maximum player’s health for a certain number of skills points.
  • Strong and healthy: Increases damage while player has maximum health.
  • Desperate Fighter: Increases damage when a player has little health.
    • To stay alive: ** gives a small amount of health every second, while the player has less than half of the maximum health.
  • Healing force: Increases healing from health regeneration over time.
    • Tightening potions: ** makes healing potions heal over time.
  • The Protection of Ancients: Reduces the damage derived from bosses.
  • Cheat Death: Increases the chance to restore a small amount of health instead of death in obtaining a deadly damage.

All grained skills in Core Keeper

  • Use of each nutrient: Increases the amount of food obtained from the cooked food.
  • Not so picky: Gives Buffes “Sound” with fewer food.
  • Healthy Diet: Makes Buffes filled stronger.
  • Fast food: Increases the attack speed in the near combat when consuming cooked food.
  • Durable storage food: Positive effects of cooked food last longer.
  • Food smell: Increases damage applied to the closest allies.

Chef: Increases the chance that additional food obtained when cooking will be rare.
* Share is to take care: gives health to the closest allies every second.

All grade skills in Core Keeper

  • Basic builder: Chance to get additional items in the manufacture of building parts.
  • The correct tool in the right hand: the chance does not lose strength when using both weapons and tools.
  • High-quality equipment: Chance not to lose strength upon receipt of damage.
    Alchemist: Chance to get additional items in the manufacture of on an alchemical table or in distorts.
  • Specialist of the industry: Receive additional items in the manufacture of rails, wires or conveyor belts.
  • Kuznets: Reduces the cost of making armor and weapons on any anvil.
    Jewelry Master: Chance to get polished version of any subject created on jewelry workbench.
  • invulnerable: Get more armor at low health levels .

All ranks of long-blood skills in Core Keeper

  • Quick shots: Increased attack speed in far-fighting.
  • Pulse Saving: Get damage to far fight every time the enemy falls under a shot, which is summed up to 2 times.
  • Detection of weakness: Chance with long-range blows to increase the chance of a critical strike for a short time.
    Pulley mucous membranes: Get a chance to slow down the goals during the far burning.
  • Charging: gives a chance with long-range blows to increase damage in the melee.
  • Stunning shot: Chance to stun the goal during far-hitting. ****
  • Focused accuracy: Increases damage in long-range battle after you are standing in place for a short time.
  • Stressed: Increases critical damage.

All Ranges Middle Skills in Core Keeper

  • Quick strikes: Increases the speed of attack in the near battle.
  • Creating anger: Get damage in melee every time you hit the enemy. The bonus is summed up for a certain amount for the level.
  • Fast and Furious: Strengthening increased to increase the attack speed in the near battle when the enemies are defeated.
  • Heavy swing: Chance to discard enemies.
  • Stubborn fighter: Get an enlarged damage in the near battle with consistent getting into the same goal.
  • Make a step back: Chance to increase damage in distant battle when hitting melee.
  • Burning blade: Chance to restore health when hitting melee.
  • The strength of the ancients: increased damage by bosses.

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