The datamine code of the last firmware update Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 suggests that Nintendo could work on two additional hardware models.

According to dataminers on Queetera, the last update supports five different material references, and only three of them would have been published so far.

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The three Switch models that have already been delivered have the ICOSA, Hoag and iowa code name because they are respectively the launch template, the Lite version and the updated model with improved battery life.

The other two models bear the name of Copper and Calcio code. Copper has been quickly removed from the code as part of a bug fix, but the dataminers have been fast enough to discover that it was a non-mobile device because it did not bring any mention of the battery or Load services, but always has HDMI support.

Calcio appeared originally in 9.x updates, which means that it could be in development for some time now; It is supposed to be essentially the same as copper, but it is based on the new Mariko chip found in hoag (the Lite version) but does not support game cards – which means it could aim for a price again cheaper digital only.

Of course, a firmware with such references is not an insurance for the arrival of new models on the Nintendo Switch.

However, a Pro version has been rumored for a long time, suggesting that a more powerful Sku Switch could actually be in preparation.

Nintendo indicated that it did not plan to publish a new model in 2020, although the company has strong history of regular revision of its equipment.