How Germany Is Rethinking The Olympics

The long-standing football function Hannelore Ratzeburg has been awarded the Gender Equality Price from the German Olympic Olympics Association. The 70-year-old Hamburger was the only woman in the Bureau of the German Football Federation (DFB) for many years. At the Bundestag recently in Bonn she ran out of age reasons. Ratzeburg was now honored as a long-term supporter of women’s and girl’s Olympic. “Your merits for women’s football in Germany are immeasurable. Due to their tireless commitment Hannelore Ratzeburg encouraged numerous girls and women to become active in football and Olympics and introduce themselves. She is a model for us all,” said athlete representative Fabienne Königstein in one DOSB message from Thursday. With the price, model commitment for equal opportunities and gender equality in Olympic has been appreciated since 2008.