On your way to the castle Stormschlei, you meet someone named Roderica. She will tell you your story that seems quite normal ELDENRING . Roderica will talk about her followers, the dolls, who came with her to become part of a spider fusion. But Roderika got cold feet at the last minute and did not go with her dolls to become one with the spider. She will ask her what she’s suppose, and give them their second ghost ash, provided they already have the bell. She will ask you to give your dolls a message. Let’s see where you can find it in Elden Ring.

Where To Find The Little Chrysalids In Elden Ring

Where can I find the chrysalids for Roderica?

As you can expect from history that Roderica told, the chrysalides to which they are looking for in Elden Ring is dead. This means that they will not find NPC in Stormleil Castle with which they can speak. Similar to the quest series of Dung Eater, you have to fight some hard enemies to complete them. You will want to make your way through Stormleil Castle until you arrive at the Many Armed Key Master in the kitchen. He can be quite hard to kill, especially when they are at a low level.

Once you’ve made it to kill him, you will want to find the adjoining room to the dining room in which the mini-boss was located, which contains a heap and contains two dogs. On this corpse is an important object called Chrysalids’ Memento. This is what you need to return Roderica to the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace. You will thank you for you to find it, and tell you that you will go to the Roundtable Hold.

Once you’re there, you can talk to her to get a golden seed. You can then talk to blacksmith’s Hewg about you and help roderica to become ghost tuner. Next time you visit the Tafel Round, you will find Roderika opposite Blacksmail Hewg. If you are talking to her now, you can enhance your ghost ash and make it stronger.

If you want the hood you carry, find you where you found the souvenir of chrysalides after you have completed your quest series. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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