SIMA is about to arrive at GENSHIN IMPACT , but the looked at the whole community are set at SUMERU and its new characters. The arrival of the next region will mark a cycle change in the game even more important than I was inhazuma thanks to the arrival of the element dendro and a few advanced characters that we have been waiting for months. Among them are yooyao and baizhu . However, there is also a much more mysterious and powerful figure that begins to captivate the players. We speak, of course, from the Queen Minor Kusanali .

Identity, features and known details of Kusanali

There are very few things that we know for sure about the next region to get to Genshin Impact, but the minor Queen Kusanali has already been appointed in the game as the Arconer Dendro that ‘will preside over’ the region. She is the equivalent Araiden Shogun, Zhongli or Venti in Sumeru . In this way it is expected that she is one of the most important characters for history and also an extremely powerful figure in terms of gameplay. All the characters of these characteristics have been very good and five stars, occupying the first positions in the Tier List permanently.

Considering what has been commented so far from the Kusanal Queen Queen in the history of Genshin Impact, we know that she will be the youngest of all the Archons that has been or will be . A characteristic that makes it relatively inexperienced and that has led the community to speculate with which she will have a more childish or adolescent appearance. However, these characteristics have not been confirmed by HoyOver at any time. Yes we know that somehow His design of it will be influenced by the Buddhist culture and the Persian region , since both the name and the area in which she exercises are influenced by these stories of the real world.

Will the minor Queen Kusanali come to Genshin Impact?

Attending to the steps he has given today with the story of Genshin Impact, seems evident that the Kusanal minor queen will end up being incorporated into the game . Until now, with one name or another, all Teyvat Archons have been available as playable characters. They do not necessarily have to be incorporated into the launch version of the region, although if they usually join the game shortly after. A good example is that of Shogun Raiden, which was introduced a patch after the arrival of Inazuma without getting too long.

As for his gameplay, everything are mysteries. We do not even know Kusanali’s actual identity and of course still nothing has been revealed about what weapon she will use or what she will be her skills of her. In fact, it is still to see what are the effects of the dendro element in the games of Genshin Impact, since we only know the incendiary combination of it with Pyro. In this sense, it seems possible that today is giving some detail in the next presentations of the updates of it. Our next hope is set at Sima, although everything indicates that we will have to have something more patient.

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_ NOTE: The image used corresponds to Honkai Impact and not to the appearance of Kusanali._