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Free Switch in the tariff with a new cell phone for only 29.99 euros a month [advertisement]

What could be nicer than a new console for as little money as possible? Then we have a tip for you: If you get the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G in the tariff this weekend, you will not only get lush 20 GB LTE data volume in the O² network once 39, 99 euros and 29.99 euros per month . No, MediaMarkt even donates a brand new Nintendo Switch for just one euro **!

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Smartphone, Nintendo Switch and 20 GB tariff in the O² network at MediaMarkt __

Work animal with a terrific display

The 6.5-inch Super Amoled display is definitely a highlight on the A53. On the brilliant and real-life colors that the display in FHD+resolution presents you, you will never see yourself enough. With a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz , you will also be able to enjoy your content in an extremely liquid reproduction. The strong hardware also ensures this, since the Exynos-1280 processor always makes a lot of steam together with 6 GB RAM .

With 128 GB of storage space you get pictures and videos in the hut, but if it gets tight at some point, you can expand your repertoire to up to 1 TB. The battery provides infinite power with a capacity of 5,000 mAh , which only flaps after an eternity. But it is also motivated in the idle state and again ready for use thanks to the quick charging function in no time. The quad main camera ensures the crowning glory, with which you can record videos in 4K resolution .

Galaxy A53 5G together with 20 GB LTE and Nintendo Switch in the __ tariff

Nintendo Switch for 1 euro there is not every day

One of the biggest advantages that the Switch has to offer is, of course, that you can take it everywhere and are not even dependent on a television. In handheld mode you simply hang your Joy-Con controller on the 6.2-inch LCD display and can therefore play on the beach lounger, at work or in PolarExpress.

If you are at home but do not start your television, the table mode will benefit you. Here you take the display as a replacement and place it on your table or other surface with the integrated stand device. In short: with the Switch you can be really finely tangled everywhere! And it’s worth it, because only here is Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Luigis Manison 2 and so many good titles! For small, for large and everything in between – everyone gets their money’s worth at the Switch.

Galaxy A53 5G, Nintendo Switch and Top tariff for only 29.99 euros per month __

is the offer really worth it?

To find out that, a little more mathematics: the set -up of the tariff costs 39.99 euros, the switch costs with a whole half two piece and you pay 29.99 euros per month. That would be 760.75 euros in two years. But now 100 euros change bonus , i.e. 660.75 EURONIC DUBLONE. The switch costs something 279, the Samsung A53 around 233 euros. In total, you would only pay about about 160 euros for the tariff -20 GB LTE, Allnet-Flat, EU roaming, which would correspond to about 6.67 euros per month . And that is one thing above all: cheap.

Some links built into this page are affiliate links. Depending on the provider, tariff receives a small commission without an impact on the price when buying on these links. More info.

Nintendo Switch Sportss local multiplayer needs to be played in Dock mode

_ Nintendo Switch Sports _ It has already officially launched the market, sufficient reason for the most nostalgic fans of the era _ wii _ are happy with the return of a most dear franchise. However, there are some obstacles and details that must be made known, specifically for users with a _nintendo switch lite _ in your possession.

Top 20 Nintendo Switch Co-op / Local Multiplayer Games - 2021 Edition

It was confirmed that in order to try the local multiplayer, the console is in DOCK mode, something mandatory so that people are not so glued from each other at the time of playing. Of course, the lonely mode can be played in laptop, but the definitive experience of this franchise has always focused on sharing the time with family and friends.

For owners of a _ Nintendo Switch Lite _ can present a problem, basically being discarded to be able to play with more people in the same system. The local mode can be tested, although not with the controls that have already been adapted, being necessary to buy a couple of Joy-with to enjoy all sports.

Since the Lite model went on sale _ Nintendo _ made clear some doubts, one of them is that not all launches can be played in this same one, one of the most obvious examples was _ Super Mario Party _ . Title that requires the screen outside the Dock to work with some mini -games, creative mechanics that was not used again in other games.

For more information from _ Nintendo Switch Sports _ , you can consult our review here.

Editor’s note : No doubt the owners of the console were not thought much, a ruling that could affect the great N, especially in specialized criticisms, which can be reflected in sales. At the moment the game has mixed comments, many not being in their favor.

Is it possible to disable movement control in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Nintendo Switch Sports, the Nintendo Wii Sports game was released on April 29, 2022. Like her predecessor, Switch Sports includes six sports games: tennis , bowling , chambara , football , badminton and volleyball .

Can players disable movement control in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Since this game is largely focused on modeling realistic movements in these sports, players cannot disconnect movement control. Although this means that Nintendo Switch Lite players cannot use their built -in game controllers, there is still a way to play Lite. To do this, all the players need is to connect Joy-Con external controllers to Nintendo Switch Lite.

Wii Sports Theme Is Back! - 11 NEW Nintendo Switch Sports Details! (Controls, Unlockables, & More!)

Nintendo Switch Sports offers both a network and local multiplayer game. All players should start playing with their friends or family-it is to connect to the Internet to play a multi-user online game, or connect the second Joy-Con controller to play locally. Since movement control is such an important part of the game, be sure to use the Joy-Con Safety belt so that it does not fall on the TV screen.

Do you want to know more about Nintendo Switch Sports? Check out the management of Nintendo Switch Sports Chambara – tips and recommendations in the guidelines for professional games!

Nintendo Switch Sports Chambara – Tips and Recommendations

Chambara is an intensive competition in swords in Nintendo Switch Sports. In it you compete to knock each other from the ring into the water. We have collected some tips that will help you at Chambara Nintendo Switch Sports.

Choose the right weapon

The choice of the right type of sword is the first step towards mastering the chambar. We recommend Sword, because it is consistent and reliable, but you must try all three before adhering to 1. You must also study different weapons when you encounter them.

The charging sword receives a powerful attack when blocking successive strikes. Twin Swords have two weapons that you need to follow, and the user can move left and right to get around your protection. The sword has no cunning, but he delivers the most reliable blow.

Play the Defense

In the chambar you can’t just wave your hands. We recommend playing more defensive and wait for the opening. If you block the enemy’s blow, he stunes, and you are counterattack. Use an injection, a charged attack or a rotational attack, depending on your weapon. They give the best rebound and will win the game faster. Usually the game boils down to the one who has better protection.

Do not rush

When swinging, do not just wempt with your hands, as this can lead to incorrect input. We had several transitions from a vertical blow to the horizontal, from which we were stunned. Instead, be very careful with your blows. When you strike, make sure you build your attacks in parallel so that you can go through the enemy’s defense.

⚔ FIRST LOOK AT CHAMBARA in Nintendo Switch Sports!


If you feel that your actions or blows seem unpleasant to you, restart the gyroscope on Joy-Con. Just close the Joy-Con on the TV and click the X button to calibrate it again. This guarantees that your input data is correct and that the game will not confuse you.

To obtain additional information about Nintendo Switch Sports, read the sections “The best type of sword for a chambar at Nintendo Switch Sports” and “Do you need Switch Online to play Nintendo Switch Sports?” In professional game guides.

Nintendo Switch Sports: All game modes and how to access it

Players can enjoy many games in Nintendo Switch Sports. There is even more behind the title than the six main sports make the players believe; Some of these games can be played with special rules or changes. Despite the focus of the title on online games, many of these special modes are only available locally. Therefore, players who want to squeeze out of every last drop should know all the game modes in Switch Sports and know how they can access it.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Full Game All Sports Walkthrough

All game modes in Nintendo Switch Sports

Any important sport can be played either online or offline, but certain special modes for sports are not available depending on the connectivity selected. Many sports simply have no alternative modes and are played in the same way every time, no matter what happens. These sports are tennis , badminton , volleyball and – to a lesser extent – Chambara . Chambara actually enables you to choose your sword type before you start a match, which gives it more alternative play styles than from the other sports.

These are the alternative modes for bowling :

  • Standard – the basic bowling mode.

  • Special – obstacles are added in front of trains.
  • Elimination – bowle against other players. If you have a low score, you can do it out of the game. This is only available if you play globally and is the only bowling mode that is available online .

Football football also has a few alternative modes available:

  • One-on-one-play against a single player.
  • Four against four – play with three other players against a team of four. This is the only football mode that is available online.
  • Free training – play alone without competing against rivals.
  • Shoot-out-kick balls with your legs into the goal. For this mode, the legening listen is required .

See also

So they play as Mii in Nintendo Switch Sports

Many of these modes are only available offline, so do not expect them to use them to unlock or get new equipment. In order to achieve the greatest possible change in the game when collecting points, Chambara is the best choice; The various methods of sword fight can be seen as a completely new game modes!

Nintendo Switch Sport is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.

Attack of the fanboy / player / Nintendo Switch Sports: all game modes and how to access it

All sports are absent in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports transfers classic sports experience to the latest Nintendo console. It comes complete with several sports to play in the comfort of your living room. But some sports did not leave Wii Sports and WII Sports Resort. Here are all sports that are absent in the Nintendo Switch Sports.

All Wii Sports games are absent in Nintendo Switch Sports

The initial version of WII Sports was launched with many games, and although many of them return to Nintendo Switch Sports, the couple remained overboard. We have listed these sports below, but it is important to note that the golf will appear on the Nintendo Switch Sports after launch.

baseball *
Golf (will be later) *

All games Wii Sports Resort are absent in Nintendo Switch Sports

Wii Sports Resort was a continuation of Wii Sports and added many new sports. It was based on the island of the ear and offers many thematic sports. But much was cut out of Nintendo Switch Sports or adapted for other sports. Here is a list of missing sports Wii Sports Resort in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Air sports *
basketball *

Nintendo Switch Sports Review - Is It Worth It?
canoe *
cruising power *
Table tennis
Wakeboarding *

Additional information about the Nintendo Switch Sports see. Is it worth buying a Nintendo Switch Sports in the article? – Review of news reports and do you need a foot strap for Nintendo Switch Sports? In professional game guides.

The best type of chamber for chambara at Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports offers a choice of six different sports, including Chambar. Starting the match in Chambar, you can choose one of the three types of sword. This can make you ask you what type of sword is the best in Chambara.

We recommend sword as the best type of sword in a chambar at Nintendo Switch Sports. It is simple, but reliable and will work the same. Charge Sword and Twin Swords have additional functions, but we believe that they are not enough to match excellent simplicity sword.

all types of swords for Chambara are estimated

1. Sword

The sword is a standard accessible sword and has no additional functions. Despite the fact that he is basic, he has the strongest blow of all three types. This means that you will have constant discarding at every wave. Although he has no unusual abilities, he is reliable.

2. Double swords

Twin Swords has a trick that they are two weapons. This means that you can block and wave your hands with both hands. But you can block and wave only one sword at a time. Over time, you have a scale that allows you to perform a powerful rotational attack with additional discard.

3. Charging sword

Switch Sports Chambara | 3 Sword Choices Gameplay | Win & Loss
The main feature of the Charge Sword is that it can absorb blows, blocking them for charging. After full charging, you can perform a charged blow with additional discard. But it depends on the successful blocking and the hit of your charged blow to the target.

To get additional information about Nintendo Switch Sports, read the sections of how to quickly accumulate settings in Nintendo Switch Sports and how to play for Miis in Nintendo Switch Sports in games for professionals.

Nintendo Switch Sports: Better than Ring Fit Adventure? This is what the reviews say

Summer comes and with him a new sports game for the Nintendo Switch. We summarize for you what the international press says about Nintendo Switch Sports.

How good is the new Nintendo Switch game?

Hold your Joy-Cons ready on 29. April 2022 A new fitness game for Nintendo’s hit console is released with Nintendo Switch Sports. After Wii Sports and the super successful Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch, this is now Nintendo’s latest attack on unpopular fat pads and tired bones.

And while the majority still have to wait a day for the ambitious game, was already allowed to train the international specialist press . The cut on Metacritic reveals how well Nintendo Switch Sports has become.

At the time of this article, the fitness game holds a solid cut of 75 percent on the well-known review aggregator- based on 32 reviews.

This cuts Nintendo Switch Sports a little worse than Ring Fit Adventures, which holds a score of 83 percent. The classic Wii Sports from 2006, on the other hand, is on the same with 76 percent.

Ring Fit Adventure - What Does a Professional Trainer Think About this Workout Game?

the best party game for the Nintendo Switch?

Of course, the individual opinions are much more meaningful than the pure numbers. This we do not want to hide from you. The conclusion of IGN, which assigns 70 percent, , for example, fails as follows:

“Nintendo Switch Sports, like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, is best suited as a party game. Switch Sports largely adheres to what its predecessors have made so unforgettable: intuitive movement control, the ability to effortlessly get a group of people in motion, and a great menu music that will stay in your head all day. ”

Digital trends also awards 70 percent and comes to a fairly similar judgment:

“Nintendo Switch Sports is exactly what it has to be. It is an intuitive package of sports mini-era with more precise movement control and complete online integration. Motivating activities such as bowling and badminton make it one of the best multiplayer party games for the Switch. ”

In summary, one can say that Nintendo Switch Sports has become a successful party game, but this does not replace a real fitness course. The focus here is clearly on the multiplayer experience.

Neowiz 2D Action Game Unsourd, Global official launch

[Source: Neowiz]

\ -Simply launched in the steam and Nintendo switch, Xbox

\ -The story mode, boss rush mode, etc. can be enjoyed

\ -In commemoration of the official launch, discount and SNS sharing event progress

The 2D action RPG , which was developed by Neowiz and the Megu Star Game, announced today (28th) that it has officially released in Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass.

Unsund is a 2D action RPG that digs into the secrets of the world, which is covered by the dead of the prince who has the ability to absorb the soul. It gives a combat experience in the background of fast -paced play, in -depth action, and real -time pixel art.

5 GREAT Game Art Styles for BAD Artists
In the official version of Unsould, you can experience a total of five chapters, and you can also check 60 kinds of passive ability, 7 boss technology, and 16 kinds of character technology. It supports a total of four languages: Korean, English, Japanese, and German.

In addition to the existing story mode and boss rush mode, new contents ‘Abyssization’ and ‘Mirror Space’ were also added. Abyss advancement is a content that can be summoned up to five enemies and fighters, allowing you to check your own combo damage. In particular, the mirror space is a variety of challenges that can be selected in the game, and users can participate in the task of difficult difficulty.

In commemoration of this official launch, various events will be held. First of all, by May 9th, Steam can be purchased at 35% and Nintendo Switch and Xbox at a 20% discount. In addition, for two weeks, the post will be posted on Twitter, including Unsunde hashtag, or 10 of the retweet users will be drawn to present the Steam Gift Card 10,000 won.

For more information about Unsunde, you can find it in Steam Page .

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