WhatsApp is currently testing a new function. Users of the Messenger are likely to be glad – because they clearly facilitate communication.

Kassel – Most probably know you from Instagram Storyys, Facebook Messenger or Twitter: The so-called Quick-Reactions, which should make communication on social media even faster and easier than you are already. Messenger competitor Telegram also has introduced the reactions with his XXL update * – WhatsApp has so far been quiet. That should change now.

WhatsApp: Telegram Makes – Now comes with Meta Messenger Great Unewert

One click is enough and already knows what you think of his message. For WhatsApp * that was not possible yet – although when listening to endless voice messages at WhatsApp * certainly have already long since the fast “thumbs up” have stretched.

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Now finally the redeeming message for fans of the Quick-Reactions: Also WhatsApp seems to introduce a fast Emoji reaction, as HNA.DE * reports. The Messenger giant tests the function currently in a beta version for Android, the portal WABETAINFO knows.

WhatsApp Plant New Function: Six Emojis Available as Quick Reaction

Of course, users were able to answer a message only with Emoji’s at WhatsApp *, but had to open the message anyway, so as to select an Emoji and finally send the message.

And: an Emoji could only be obtained from the “answers” function on a particular message. This should go much easier and faster through the new update now. For this, WhatsApp in the beta version initially provided six Emojis (more digital news at Instagram Storyys *).

WhatsApp: Reactions not yet available for all users

However, the new feature is used for the time being only selected WhatsApp Users * for which the current Android update for version has been unlocked. If one of the contacts is under the testers, you can also see the Quick Reactions – without update. With these reactions, some users can now reply to messages from now on:

The Emoji dive when the message to which should be responded is kept longer. With one click, users can then select the Emoji so that it is displayed under the corresponding message. The function could be used in the future, among other things, in group chats as a kind of coordination, because the number of reactions should not be limited, it says in the announcement of WhatsApp *.

New feature at WhatsApp: Update soon for Apple users

The experts at Woneyetainfo assume that the update will probably be officially published soon and thus is available to all WhatsApp users.

According to the US magazine the Verge, the developers already indicate that the update should also be provided for iOS, so for Apple devices, as well as for the WhatsApp Desktop app *.

WhatsApp itself has not yet officially expressed if and when the new function is introduced nationwide. Only in the last update of WhatsApp was a new function hidden , which many users do not want to do without: With a small trick you get on useful information in group chats. _ HNA.de is like Instagram Storyys part of the editorial network of ips.media._

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