Do not Starve Together makes the survival battle with friends a lot more bearable. On PlayStation, Xbox and PC we can already put together the bizarre creatures and natural hazards for quite a while. Not a long time, that’s finally possible on the Nintendo Switch. The interesting thing about it: This also introduces a function that is well received by long-standing fans and hopes for more.

Switch release in April with new function

The fact that the multiplayer offshoot of the sloping survival indie hits comes to the Nintendo Switch after years, is already clear. Now Klei Entertainment finally revealed the released date: the 12. April 2022 .

But that’s not just good news for switch players * inside, but should also look forward to all the other do not Starve Together fans. Because with the switch release also the Shared Unlocks Feature finds its way into the game with which we can use skins, characters and more cross-platform between Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC. Whether and when the PlayStation version is supported, is still off, as the requirements for implementation are higher here.

To use the Shard Unlocks, a small account is used. In the official message, it is said:

Soon you can merge several platform accounts to a single small account and use your items seamlessly on all connected devices. These include cabin pot recipes, plant registers, itemskins and characters that you have received by Drops, including unlocked characters and skins. The premium currency can not be shared between platforms.

Further information about the function and the merger of the accounts should follow.

You are not familiar with the bizarre world of Do not Starve? This trailer shows you:

Don’t Starve Together - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Who rather crashes into the wilderness alone, can read the Gamestar test that conveys you just as well a picture of the game.

not only more freedom, but a cross-based hope

Alone already, that Don’t Starve Together comes to the switch, my fan heart beat faster. Soon I can finally play the co-op game cozy in bed or if I’m in the home with friends in my sweetheart survival game around survival.

Annika Bavendiek
@ annika908

No other game has Annika as often as Don’t Starve. The single and multiplayer has done so much with his graphic style and the bizarre style that it has spent innumerable hours – on PC, PS4, switch and even the PS Vita. No wonder so that she is huge on Do not Starve Together for the Switch. So you can finally play one of your favorite games comfortably in bed or traveling with friends.

What someone like me, who does’t Starve Together plays on several platforms, but especially pleased, are the shared unlocks. I do not have to worry about that, on which console I should play best. Thus we gain freedom.

And more importantly: The developers encounter the door to the CrossSplay door. Das fehlt leider nach wie vor, aber “genau wie die Shared Unlocks ist Crossplay etwas, das wir gerne machen würden”, heißt es vom Studio. Klei Entertainment ist zwar ein kleines Team, durch die Zusammenführung in ein Klei-Konto ist der Weg aber schonmal geebnet.