Also one month after release players have long not discovered all secrets in Elden Ring. The ghostly assistant, which you can call for hard struggles, have some secret extras in stock.

Elden Ring surprises fans with ghost feature

Although Elden Ring has served for many features to the Dark Souls predecessors, the huge game of developer from software also has some innovations . An example of these are the ghost panels that can be found everywhere in the world. With the help of the ghost-call bell, you can then call NPCs in your world that give you in the fight boss and support other crunchy opponents.

The Reddit user Neopie has now discovered that the Spirit of Latenna can even more than shooting with the bow. In a video he shows how they swings in the middle of the fight suddenly on one of the opposing wolves and rides on him in the battle. A matching feature for the warrior who attress her next to a sleeping wolf.

Elden Ring: Many ghosts have hidden extras

Most players should probably never see this nice detail. After all, her ghost pills can not summon anywhere in Elden Ring and the places where there is also a wolf, are even rarely . That’s why the fans are impressed by the attention to detail. The players also call in the comments some more examples of hidden features in ghosts. Often it is worth reading the item descriptions for the assistants.

Elden Ring: Secret Area after Update

The red teethriter OGHA shoots, for example, a whole arrow salve, if you carry out a cries of war and the mad pumpkin head is in rage with blood loss. A fan has also noticed that the conatuously panic fear of dragons has and hidden in the fight in front of them. Undoubtedly, there are many more examples of hidden features in Elden Ring, which are only discovered in the coming weeks and months.