** The anime business boomes!

Toriko x One Piece x DBZ Crossover Stonestream English Dub Part 1
And therefore this year again appears again some promising anime games for the PlayStation, the Xbox, the Nintendo Switch and the PC.

The seven largest anime games 2022 we introduce you to this picture line. **

These anime games do not want to miss

Anime fans and gamers can look forward to 2022 some interesting video games around Son Goku, Ruffy and Jotaro.
Underneath a crisp beat ’em up, an impressive open-world game and a surprising “Dead by Daylight” alternative.
Especially important: all mentioned games appear primarily for your home consoles , ie PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.
Pure smartphone games, such as the game for Anime Edens Zero, are not represented in the picture section.