It’s time again: Switch online members can look forward to three more NES and SNES classics that are now available for download for the Nintendo Switch.

These are the three new switch online games in March 2022:

  • DIG DUG II \ – In the NES-Arcade classic you have to kill with pump and compressed air hammer armed monsters out of the isometric view on an island
  • MAPPY country \ – the continuation of the arcade classic, in which your gifts collect and put them against monsters to the fight
  • Earthworm Jim 2 \ – a Run & Gun Platformer for SNES, in which it jumps through several levels to save a princess

When are the NES and SNES games available? You can download all three tracks now without further additional costs for your Nintendo Switch, if you have a paid Nintendo Switch online subscription.

The lower trailer introduces you all three new games , so you can make an impression:

Fun Fact (which may be a little annoyed): Instead of Earthworm Jim 2 Japanese Switch online members get the Farming Classic Harvest Moon for SNES in the context of the subscription this month.

All information about Switch online + extension pass

If you do not have a subscription: Switch Online does not just grant you access to a free library from several selected NES and SNES classics, but is also the basic requirement for being able to play online.

The basic subscription is divided into the following prices:

  • 1 month : 3.99 euros
  • 3 months : 7.99 euros
  • 12 months : 19,99 Euro
  • 12 months Family subscription : 34.99 euros

If that is not enough, you can subscribe to the expansion fun with an extra charge. This costs:

  • for 12 months : 40 Euro

Nintendo Switch Online + Pack additionnel – Bande-annonce de présentation
* for 12 months Family subscription: 70 Euro

With the expansion pass, you have access to selected N64 and Mega Drive games that you can download free of charge. However, the partly poor emulation of titles repeatedly encounters criticism of the fans. The expensive pricing of the additional subscription also ensures heated minds.

All more information about Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Guard can be found in a separate SNES article.

Now the SNES Community is required: What do you think of the three new switch online games?