Creating a room in which it is worth living, is required if you want to place there NPC, and then buy items from certain NPCs in Core Keeper. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know how to make a room in Core Keeper.

How to call NPC in Core Keeper

NPC will first appear after you defeat certain bosses, but you will not be able to buy objects from them right away.

To make it possible, you should make a home / room for the NPC, where they will come and settle. After the merchant calms down, you can start trading the items. So that the merchant settles on your database, you need to make sure you have accommodation.

CORE KEEPER How To Find And Get Npc's To Move In With You! Core Keeper Guide

How to make a room habitable in Core Keeper

You can’t just build a regular room and call NPC. It is necessary to perform several requirements for NPC to come and calm down so that you can start trading with them objects. The requirements are as follows.


The size of the room must be no more than 8×8 tiles. Various sizes can work or not work, but this size is recommended.


For entourage, use wooden walls, floors and doors. Place the light source is not necessary.


The bed is one of the key components to move NPC. You can not re-use the bed that was previously used. For the manufacture of bed you will need 10 boards and 5 fibers. You can create a bed on a bench on the Base tab.

Calling subject

Finally, put a special call to the room to attract NPC.


Having completed the room, save the distance of about 50 tiles within a few seconds. When you return to the room, NPC is already eaten, and you can start trading the items.