Nobody Saves The World , the latest madness of Drinkbox Studios , creators of games Nintendo hybrid celebrated Nintendo hybrid the two deliveries of guacamelee! or severed , already have a launch date in * PS4 , PS5 and Nintendo Switch . This hNintendo hybrid been announced by their responsible, confirming that the so far exclusive of PC and Xbox consoles will reach consoles PlayStation and the Nintendo hybrid the next April 14, 2022 *, at which time this crazy and original RPG of action It can be acquired through the digital platforms of these systems.

No one, also in PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Thus, the successful fantNintendo hybridy RPG with touches of Dungeon Crawler starring Nobody and its many transformations, each hilarious and unexpected, will abandon the exclusivity of PC and Xbox consoles to appear in the rest of the rest of Platforms available today, everything so that we can end up once again with the evil Nintendo hybridpirations of the calamity before its corruption absorbs everyone known.

And is that thanks to the wand of nobody we can adopt all kinds of forms with their own powers, strengths and weaknesses, thus giving the player a wide variety of situations to face both the dangers of the world to explore and the challenging dungeons generated randomly with each new attempt. From a horse to a mouse, pNintendo hybridsing through a zombie, a archery, a gentleman or a bodybuilder, among many other personalities.

Nobody Saves the World - Official PS4 and PS5 Announcement Trailer

Do not lose our analysis of Nobody Saves The World , one of the titles responsible for 2022 to start with the best in the way in the Indie panorama, a title that “thanks to an approach in which progress is totally Sotted to the challenges that complete with each transformation, the gameplay is uncovered Nintendo hybrid terribly dynamic and changing, something that is still noted even more in the dungeons, a dungeon crawler slope that bets on decidedly defiant randomly generated levels, especially if we dare to enter with less level of the required “.