Anti-pearl pc MMORPG ‘BellaTores (Belortes)’ is developed on the 4th that it attracted a series D (representative Kim Jung Hwan), which is developing a series D, a series D, a series D.

In this investment, KDB Industrial Bank and Yuan was involved as a subsequent investor, and Dao Investment (formerly KTB Network), KB Securities, Cape Investment & Securities, GSA PE, Welcomes Investment and Welcome Capital participated as a new investor.

when a developer knows EXACTLY what we want

It is known that the value of PC MMORPG, which has high attention in the global game market, and the possibility of visualized release possibility is to be 2,50 billion won.

Beletoes, which is developing an analogy aiming for an annual release, will showcase a medieval thoughts of the medievalist, which apply to Unreal Engine 5. “Let’s pursue the essence of MMORPG” is characterized by contents that can perform a variety of roles to large-scale combat to win the corresponding favorites from various content from various content to survival and adventure and production under the goal.

The KDB Industrial Bank official, who led the investment, said, “The development and service capabilities of anxia core character with a plurality of PC MMORPGs have experienced anxiety, a variety of game platforms and cultural contents, and large PC MMORPG I said he rated the IP potential of the IP. “

Kim Jong Hwan An Yun, said, “Currently, the implementation of the core functions and many features of Belatores under development was completed, and it is necessary to expand the development and service personnel for the next game build. We will have to prepare for a game of games such as the highly new recruitment of the game engine, which is actively compliant with the company’s annual competitiveness such as the company’s salary and welfare, as a resource secured.

On the other hand, Lost Arc, who has recently entered North America and Europe, has renewed the box-office and is called Korean PC MMORPG frenzy, and it is a situation that is higher than ever to the Belotes for Angi.