The current war in Ukraine, triggered by an invasion of Russian troops, causes more and more companies to retire from the Russian and mostly Belarusian markets. Blizzard has already set all the transactions in Russia, same applies to Niantic . Something more difficult is the situation naturally for companies, which in turn come from Russia or Belarus, but still want to distance themselves from the machinations of the Russian government – as well as the well-known developer Wargaming.

In a press release, however, Wargaming was now announcing, that one would also retire from the Russian and Belarussian market. And unlike, for example, Blizzard, who do not do business there, their products like Wow still offer, but still offer themselves Wargaming completely withdraw from the countries.

The live game stores that mainly affect World of Tanks and World of Warships will be handed over to Lestra Studios with immediate effect. Although this studio founded in 1991 was in the possession of Wargaming, but will no longer be linked to the mother’s company in the future. Although the relevant games are still available, but now operated by the new owner. Wargaming himself expects significant losses of sales, as one would not benefit from the process in the future in the future.

Studio in Minsk is closed

In addition, Wargaming will completely close the studio in Minsk completely and send the highest level of support to those affected. What exactly that means for the staff is currently unclear.

It is also unclear what that means now for the Russian players. Whether and in what form they are supplied with other updates and whether the separation from the Russian and Belarusian market is permanent or Wargaming reserves the right to take over the rights in the future, the situation because sometime relaxes. In this regard, we have already submitted a request to Wargaming, which could not yet be answered. However, more info will follow in the coming days and weeks.

Of course we keep you up to date as soon as we get an official statement of Wargaming.


Here the official press release on the part of Wargaming: [/ H2] nikosia, 04. April 2022 – In recent weeks, Wargaming has carried out a strategic review of worldwide business activities. The company has decided not to have or operate business in Russia and Belarus.

_ With effect from March 31, Wargaming has transferred his live games business in Russia and Belarus to the local management of Lesta Studio, which is no longer associated with Wargaming. Wargaming will not benefit from this process today or in the future. On the contrary – Wargaming expects that it will suffer significant loss of sales as a direct consequence of this decision._

Wargaming will make the operational transition with the commanded hurry and comply with all laws and continue to ensure the safety and support of employees. During the transitional period, the live products in Russia and Belarus will continue to be available and operated by the new owner.

Wargaming has also started the resolution of his studio in Minsk. This closure will be made under strict compliance with the statutory provisions. The heads of the individual products and services will soon be meeting with their teams in order to discuss the impact of this decision on the individual departments.

Wargaming Quit Russia
Wargaming will allow the highest level of support affected by the change.
The opinion can also be found on the official website.

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