We have reached the fourth and last resistance mission of week 3. He has won a good amount of XP, and still is a little more in the store with this mission. Here is How to use a disguise kit and place weapons schemes at Synapse Station .

It should not be surprised that you should “establish an uplink of the device near Synapse Station». There are three areas to do this at Synapse Station, and are grouped like this:

How to use a costume kit and place weapons schemes at Synapse Station

You can find the audio record of the hologram in which we land to reach the main objective here:

From there, turn around to see the costume kit right behind you. Use the disguise kit to wear the disguise.

Use a Disguise Kit, then place Weapons Schematics in Synapse Station Location - Fortnite

If you open your map for the new objective, you will see two locations. Ignore the target marker on the left, you will want to go to the right marker that takes you to the main building of Synapse Station.

Once inside, you will want to go to this little hallway to place the weapons schemes.

This is how the placement point of the weapon scheme will be closely close:

That’s all you need to do for How to use a disguise kit and place weapons schemes at Synapse Station . With that, week 3 of the missions of the resistance will be complete. Be sure to check again in a week while we take it through the resistance missions of week 4 in Fortnite chapter 3 season 2.

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