Sony Interactive Entertainment has published a 4 month lineup of cloud game subscro “ PlayStation Now “.

This month is a space time loop ADV “OUTER WILDS” selected as a game of the appliance candidate in Eurogamer, The Guardian, etc. in 2019, is added to PS4. On the other hand, “Grand-Theft Auto: Vice City Decision Edition” should be completed on July 4, as “Shadow Warrior 3” started to deliver last month on May 2nd.

# ■ New Additional Title


· Sold by: AnnapURNA Interactive

Format: PS4

Genre: Adventure

· Delivery start date: April 5, 202 (Tuesday)

A mysterious star system……

Starstic system The end of the terminant space search adventure approaching the mystery of the time loop that repeats his 20 minutes. Who was built an alien ruins? Can I stop infinite time loops? Let’s make sure that you have anything else in the vast universe.

■ Limited time for the end of delivery

# # “Grand Ceft Auto: Vice City Decision Edition”

· Sainter source: Rock Star Games

Format: PS4

Genre: Action

· Delivery period: From May 2 (Mon), 2022

  • Tomy Vertheti’s story of betrayal and revenge

A single man will be drawn to him who climbs the vertices of the back society on the stage of the time of colored hairstyle and pastel suit. Neon’s dazzling Normal summer town is full of possibilities. In this work, a familiar world due to operability and aiming with a newly added lighting, environmental upgrade, high resolution texture, drawing distance, and “Grand Saffle V” style. Is depicted with a new dimensional piece.

# # “Shadow Warrior 3”

· Sainter source: Devolver Digital

Format: PS4

Genre: Action

· Delivery period: From July 4 (Mon)

Make Katana with a gun shot

“Shadow Warrior 3” is a high-speed gun attack, sharp broken flour running system that has been a high-speed gun shot, sharp brilliant free running system, respectively. General of the collapsed company “Low One” and the former employer “Orochi Gira”, which was the enemy, became a buddy, and is unbelievable to take back the ancient dragon released from the permanent prison. His challenge both.

PlayStation Now is on sale for PS4 / PS5 / PC (Windows), and only one month ticket is being sold for 1,180 yen. There is also a 7-day free trial service for unrescripts. In addition, this service is integrated with “PlayStation Plus” in June, and the currently subscribed user is automatically migrated to “PlayStation Plus Premium”.