The developer of Steam Deck, Valve, has said today that it is in the process of “increasing” shipments of the portable PC platform. After launching Steam Deck at the end of February, Valve has continued to emphasize that it is doing everything possible so that the coveted video game platform is in the hands of as many people as possible. And although there is likely to arise some manufacturing problems in the foreseeable future, that has not prevented it from trying to increase their efforts to move forward.

In a new update message today, Valve informed those who seek to obtain Steam Deck about what he plans to do with the platform in the coming months. «Welcome to the second trimester!» Valve said on social networks to coincide with the beginning of April. “We just sent the first set of order emails to which they booked the second quarter (in reservation time). As of today, we are increasing Steam Deck shipments and we will send more email availability emails every week. Sometimes, even twice a week! “

To accompany this new message, Valve also revealed today that it has updated its website for Steam Deck to provide those who have booked the platform a better defined window when they could expect their own shipment. Valve made it clear that none of its previous windows has been modified due to delays or other problems. Instead, it’s just trying to give customers a better idea of how this shipping process will remain in the coming months.

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At this time, if you want to buy a Steam Deck for you, Valve has said that the new orders will not be fulfilled until October 2022 or later. As such, if you buy one at some time soon, prepare to wait a decent amount of time so that it really appears.

Are you still trying to get a Steam Deck for you? And if you already have a reserved one, when is it estimated to have your own unit? Give me your own response in the comments or you can send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.