Indie Leveloper Poncle delivers update patch 0.4.2 of the viewpoint action “ vampire survivors ” on April 6. New stages, new characters, etc. have been added.

“Vampire Survivors” is a look-up perspective action game during early access delivery in Steam. “If you die from almost once,” “weapons and abilities choose from random lineup”, such as so-called roglike works that are often found in recent years. It is a work that is easy to play with one hand, and the gameplay that can be crazy is popular, and the number of many players at STeam.

In this update, one new stage is added. Nevertheless, new enemies and events are also implemented. On the other hand, new characters were added to the player side. In addition, new reric is also introduced. Gameplay options also added. One type of weapon type is added. It seems that evolution has been added. Besides this, the Rerol Banish is also increasing one step.

Also, some adjustment points are also mentioned. First, in Dairy Plant, the probability of the enemy to spawn on the inside of the wall was significantly reduced. Also, “LESS PHYSICS, MORE FPS” has been added in the option menu. Hold physical arithmetic processing and improve FPS. This function is enabled by default. However, if you do not play, or if a bug occurs, it is possible to disable it from the main screen option menu.

In addition, it is also adjusted to the behavior of the guide arrow. Even if there is a map, the guide can be enabled from the pause menu, such as if the coffin is not found. In addition, as a bug fix, a bug that the launch no longer moves when there is no target enemy. In addition, there is also an improvement in defects that the Clock Lancet disappears when the CLOCK LANCET continues to be launched longer.

New gameplay options have also appeared. The “HURRY” option can be selected at the time of stage selection, and the speed of time has doubled. Normally, when the enemy’s wave comes every 60 seconds, it will come every 30 seconds. This option can be unlocked by finding a new Leric of Stage 4.

“Vampire Survivors” is underwriting early access to PC at STeam. The price is 300 yen.