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, Recruitment of Beta Tester from 6th

\ – Global beta testing from May 4 to 17th

Cacao Games recruits participants from today (6 days) ahead of the global beta test of the new PC Online survival game in the development of reality magic.

This global beta test is held for two weeks from May 4 to 17 (Korea time). The user who wants to participate is that when the game platform ‘steam’ searches for ‘Dysterra’, the application is completed by pressing the ‘Access Rights Request’ button.

is a multiplayer survival FPS game that allows you to enjoy a solid gun shooting with abandoned district in the Dimensional World Veteran. Users aim to create and use a variety of SF weapons, and to survive until the end of the destroyed district through fast growth.

In addition, a feature of the ‘Shelter’, which is characterized by a survival game, and the entry barriers of the creation of the item production can be easily immersed and maximizes interaction between users, such as a special skill acquisition of a special skill through a break-free combat tempo and base occupation.

The DeStera> Developer’s development team is based on the feedback that we have done in the global testing, ▲, which is a casual gun improvement through improvement of the combination, and improved AI animation through Motion capture with UI and UX ▲ motion capture It is a plan to show.

How to Survive Squid Game
Global Beta Test Participation Instructions on participation methods and games are available on the “Dysterra” formula and in the next cafes and steam communities, and distracal discords.