This week comes the end of the playoffs of lec and remains the suspense to know the identity of the next Champion of Europe . The defending champions have gone for a while since those of Mad Lions have not even managed to sneak among the top 6 of the regular season. Therefore, the victory will be decided between Rogue , already classified for the Grand Final, FNATIC and G2 ESPORTS .

While the rest of the teams of the LEC are on vacation and some do not even have 5 players in their roster (astralis), the community asks a question: who are the training partners of the last three teams that are alive? It is unimaginable that FNATIC and G2 play with each other, since both teams face in the final of the Bracket_Lack. Rogue on your part has many options, but the team can not multiply. So we have to find alternatives and the best teams of the LEC are interested in european masters.

JANKOS reveals G2 ESPORTS training colleagues

G2 ESPORTS has several scrims partners to prepare for the next c against FNATIC . JANKOS named Rogue, the final boss waiting for the Samurai in the great final. For the rest, he did not give names but he did mention the academic teams of the LEC who bet on the European Masters . The competition is continuous and even if the level is generally lower than in the European elite, we still find talented players and structures with a very structured technical body. When we look at the list of compromised competitors, we can assume that teams like vitality.bee , the Academy of Team BDS , FNATIC TQ and ago Rogue are in the discussions.

For these teams, it is also a good opportunity to improve facing top players like caps or flakked . Evidently play a team that has finished its season or team in competition do not have the same value, but it is still a good start to demonstrate its worth and why not, draw the attention of the great teams. We imagine that the coaches look carefully at workouts but it is also the case of the eyelets who do not want to miss the jewels for polishing tomorrow.

And what happens with Karmine Corp?

When we talk about the teams of the European Masters , we have to mention Karmine Corp. The team has won the last two editions and for some I would have level to shine at lec . Each one will have his own opinion about it, but it is true that when you have a player like rekkles ** in your ranks, you can assume that you are a good training partner in this period in which there are no worthy opponents running through the Streets.

But apparently, G2 does not plan scrims against players of Kameto . But it is not because G2 refuses to train with Kcorp, but quite the opposite. Jankos did not enter details, but apparently Karmine Corp has always refused to train in front of the Samurai team in the past.

We do not have an explanation and we do not know if this general refusal could change in the future, but the information is still comical enough to mention it… especially because, a priori, the two teams get pretty well since they managed to agree About the transfer of Rekkles during the last signing market. We can suppose that the Karmine prefers to avoid scrimar against a fish that is too big to not see his dismissal confidence in case of a beating.

G2 Jankos On Korean Teams Refusing To Scrim Western Teams For MSI!!

Foto: lol esports / karmine corp