Nintendo announced on April 7, “Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online” to add “Mario Golf 64”. Delivery date is April 15th.

Mario Golf: Super Rush All Courses Speedrun in 54:19

“Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online” is a service that can be used by joining “Nintendo Switch Online + Addition Pack”. Nintendo 64 titles are unlimited, and “Super Mario 64” and “Ocarina at the Legend of Zelda” and the like are recorded. Each title is highly resolution for Nintendo Switch, and save functions are available anywhere. You can also enjoy up to four multiplayers at Local Online.

“Mario Golf 64” is a golf game released at Nintendo 64 in June 1999. Working on development is a camerot. Camelot developed by the first “everyone’s Golf” will start developing sports game for Nintendo, focusing on Takahashi brothers. Since then, the “Mario Golf” and “Mariotenis” series are developed focusing on the company. Mario characters evolve to more three-dimensional games in accordance with the evolution of hardware, as they are the evolution of hardware as it is, the axis for working in golf at a three-dimensional course. After that, the “Mario Golf” series continues to evolve, but “Mario Golf 64” is a foundation.

In the official Topics of Nintendo, the introduction and capture articles at the time of “The 64DREAM” (current: Nintendo Ream) are published. Hidden elements are also openly released. Such materials are worth reading for those who were playing games at that time.

In Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online, a constant title has been implemented. “Mario Story” in December last year. This year is “Banjo and Kazooi’s Great Adventure”. February is “Mask of the Legend of Zelda”. March is “F-ZERO X”. And April is “Mario Golf 64”. Although one is one, constant delivery has been performed. Both are popular titles, and it is expected that the announcement for May is also expected.

“Mario Golf 64” will be added to Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online on April 15.