Developer’s Cellar Door Games announced on April 8, currently in the STEAM / EPIC Games store, and announced that it will be officially released on April 28 about “ ROGUE LEGACY 2 “.. At the same time, the Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version is also started.

“Rogue Legacy 2” is a sequel to the dungeon search type 2D action game “Rogue Legacy (Rogue Legacy)” which has been released in 2013 and has achieved high evaluation. The player will be one of the family members who aim to save a certain kingdom and challenge the vast dungeon capture.

The dungeon has a stage of multiple environments, and each configured in a large number of rooms. This work is also a work with a rogue element, and the stage configuration and waisting enemies, and items that appear, and the like are randomly generated each time you play. Aiming for the boss of the stage while fighting with monsters with various attacking styles and passing through various traps installed in the stage. If you died, it will be reed from the beginning.

At the time of retry, it is one of the features of the main series to be baton touch to the offspring of the main character family. You can select from a plurality of character classes. Each character is randomly equipped with special skills and magic. In addition, the character may be characterized by the character. The characteristic is an element that affects the entire gameplay, for example, the stage is reversed and the operation is reversed, or the character may be reduced, and the effect is different. A bonus is added to the disadvantageous characteristics in the gameplay.

Also, as an element that was not in the previous work, he became able to find HeIroM (family treasure) in the stage. Discovered, it is transferred to a dedicated stage that leverages new abilities such as aerial dash, and can learn the ability by capture the stage. It is also an element that also leads to spreading the search range of the dungeon.

РАЗДАЧА Rogue Legacy & The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (ОБЗОР 2022) от Epic Games На ХАЛЯВУ✨

When I died, I felt over from the beginning, but the ability acquired by HeirloM can be handed over. In addition, the money acquired during the previous play can be carried forward, and it can be consumed for the purchase of equipment equipment at bases and permanent upgrades in the skill tree.

Early access delivery of this work is started in August 2020. Then update is performed regularly, and the addition of content such as character classes and stages, bosses, balance adjustment, bug fixes have been stacked. Details of additional elements at the time of formal release are still understood, but Las bosses and endings have been examined. In addition, although Japanese is not included in the additional language, it should be considered to respond to further languages in the future.

“Rogue Legacy 2” is delivering early access to PC (Steam / Epic Games Store). And it is officially released on April 28, and at the same time Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version is also distributed.

In addition, in the EPIC Games store, free distribution of the previous work “Rogue Legacy” is performed. Distribution period is until 0:00 on April 15. Play on this opportunity and check the sequel to the sequel. In the same store, mystery probability adventure game “The Vanishing of ethan Carter” is also free distribution (store page).