On the way rooms relaxed. With the Nintendo Switch no problem. Would not be the eternal fight against the slowly daring battery. But do not worry: we show you a simple trick for your switch to stop on the way.

More power for your Nintendo Switch

Each gamer and smartphone user knows the problem: A dying battery . Some people even become nervous when the battery level scrapes the 50 percent mark. So what do you get on the road when the Powerbank is home and no outlet is nearby?

Luckily, there are a few simple tips and tricks , as you can extend the term of your batteries. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, a user has made the following discovery on Reddit:

His experience after the battery life of the Nintendo Switch is extended considerably if your activates the aircraft mode of the console.

Why is that? The switch tries to connect regularly with the internet and every attempt costs energy. This is a background function that you do not notice most of your time.

However, the aircraft mode not only has a positive impact on battery life, but also improves the performance ** of your console in a certain way.

Some games are also looking for an internet connection after the start and that costs not only energy, but also time. In aircraft mode this automatic check is skipped and the games start faster.

Incidentally, you can easily activate the aircraft mode via the System Settings of the Switch and of course disable again.

So you improve your battery life in addition

Of course, the trick with aircraft mode only works if you do not need active internet connection. In this respect, this tip is aimed primarily at offline players.

But there is another way to improve the battery life. This “trick” is so obvious that he is often forgotten. And it’s about the screen brightness .

How to Get Maximum Battery Life from your Nintendo Switch - 6 hours of Zelda BOTW
For many players, the brightness is usually set to 100 percent. A reduction to 70 or even 50 percent saves precious energy and on the dimmed screen you get used to surprisingly fast.