PS4 players are allowed to look forward to a new gift from Sony. The company currently distributes a free theme exclusively to all owners of the last gene console – PS5 owners go out empty.

Dusting free PS4 theme

From March 1 to March 31, 2022, the Woman’s History Month took place in the USA. This is used for years to focus historical events in which women play a major role.

Sony also participated in the action and now distributes a free theme for all PS4 owners whose design is created at the action month:

To grab the new design for your console surface, you only have to redeem the promotion code: 6NN5-B2NK-XQM9 in the PlayStation Store (Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment).

The new theme is available Exclusively for PS4 players – PS5 players have to do without it. However, that is not surprising because Sony’s Next Gen Console has missed a support for themes until today . After all, VRR should be submitted via update in the coming months (Source:

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That’s how you snatch the free PS4 theme

Anyone who wants to secure the theme for free is as follows:

  • Opens the PlayStation Store on the PS4.
  • Scrolls to the penultimate menu item with the name “Redeem Codes”.
  • Now enter the doctoral code: 6NN5-B2NK-XQM9 and confirms the entry.

(EP 17) Making Custom PS4 Themes & Installing Permanent PS4 Themes (9.00 or Lower)

After that, the activation is completed and you will be forwarded to another PlayStation Store screen, which indicates that you have successfully redeemed the code. Here you can also download the PS4-theme directly .

If you want to enable the new design, you will then have to search for the submenu “Designs” in the setting menu of your PS4. There you should find the new free and all more themes that are available to you for your PS4.

The PS4 themes not only change the background of your dashboards, but also symbols in the start menu and system sounds. A nice way to miss the user interface of your PS4 a new look & feel.