Rostock waves club record

On Friday evening (18.30 clock) open two teams with Dusseldorf and Rostock two teams, which are really good in shape. Fortuna has been unbeaten for seven games, Hansa recently won four times in a row – among others on Schalke and most recently against FC St. Pauli. If the cogge also wins in the Rhineland, she gets a new club record in the 2nd league. At the moment nine points lead in place 16, the class content would then be as good as safe. The Düsseldorfers have five meters more than Dresden on the relegation place.

Also on Friday, the Jahn receives the bottom of the table from Ingolstadt. Against the FCI Regensburg won in the last five duels. Such a series is not yet listed for Regensburg only against Heidenheim. The Schanzer sent with 3: 2 against ARE although a sign of life, with ten points behind 16th place 16 need for the league but a miracle.

It crackles on Schalke and in Hamburg

On him is just rated: Schalke Simon Terodde. Getty Images

On Saturday (13.30 clock) it will be really interesting in the 2nd league, because the first six teams are facing three direct duels. Schalke, last three times in a row victorious, Heidenheim has visited. The FCH plays a strong season, but abruptly tweaks the shoe, because in 14 games there were only 14 points – 15th place in the away table. At six points residue in second place and three on the relegation, the team of Frank Schmidt can not leave much left. But that should not do that, which do not have the hardest residual program of all rising candidates: it is still against Bremen, Darmstadt, St. Pauli, Nuremberg and just Heidenheim. “We are very pleased with the result and with the passion we put on the day. But we also know that we have to find better solutions in the upcoming games,” said Coach Mike Büskens after 2: 1 in Dresden.

Top game number two rises on Saturday in Hamburg: The third St. Pauli has a guest leader of Bremen. Both teams were not satisfied with the result on the last matchday, the Kiez-Pauli lost in Rostock, Werder played despite Turmhous superiority only 1: 1 against Sandhausen. Most of the millennor is usually not much to pick up against St. Pauli, because the eleven of Timo Schultz lost in 13 encounters only once, reached ten victories. “We are looking for the strength of the opponent. It becomes an absolute top game, we drive with a good feeling to St. Pauli and now need a really extremely good training week to go 100 percent well prepared in the game,” Werder will Head of ProfiFussball and Scouting Clemens Fritz quoted on the Bremen website. Defensive there is many question marks at the SVW, most recently, almost the complete defense fell off – and on Saturday, Anthony lacks young.

In addition, on Saturday afternoon, the 96er from Hanover has guests. The archeg birglers came at 0: 4 at HSV under the wheels and similar to Ingolstadt only small opportunities on the league. The Lowows should be at least four ranked # 16 at least four points.

Does the club mean again correctly?

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Top match number three rises on Saturday evening (20.30 clock) in Nuremberg. The fifth has visited the second Darmstadt, both teams separate five points. Of course, say: In a victory, the club mixes again correctly in the ascent race, with a defeat it becomes very tight. Lilies coach Torsten Lieberknecht travels for the first time with the SVD to the club, with Brunswick he brought only one point in five league games in Nuremberg. This statistics should encourage the franc. After four wins in a row there was only one point from two games for Nuremberg. And the rest program of the FCN is quite crisp.

HSV: No slippers allowed more

On Sunday (13.30 clock) is among other things the HSV in Kiel guests. The reddoses returned after only two points from five games with the 4-0 in the catching game against Aue. “The guys have shown a lot of playing pleasure. The support for our way was to feel everywhere today,” Tim Walter was pleased after the game. That’s exactly how Hamburg has to continue when the northern lights want to intervene in the ascent race – the residue on 2nd place and 3 is six points. However, HSV has the supposedly lightest residual program, plays no direct competitor anymore.

In the midfield duel between Paderborn and Karlsruhe, it is not much a sport. Both teams are in the no-role of the league, up as down is nothing more. With a win could pass the KSC at the SCP.

Much more is the duel between Sandhausen and Dresden on the game.
It meets the 15th on the 16th, both teams separate three points.
The SVS, who attracted a point at least at the Sunday at least Bremen, can make a big step towards leaving with a threesome.
At Dynamo, it does not currently do not run, even eleven times in a row Dresden could not win.
The last threesome there was in mid-December at the 1-0 in Aue.
The residual program of the second division.