We remember that last month, the Studio Virtual Realms granted to be the subject of computer attacks : not only the developer said forced to temporarily close the servers of his two MMORPG Mobile Celtic Heroes and Warhammer Odyssey The time to fill the safety faults of its infrastructure, but the studio also confirmed the source code of its titles had been stolen.

On March 21, Virtual Realms indicated that a security consultant was able to protect his infrastructure and hoped to relaunch his games after a day or two of patience. Nearly three weeks later, not only Celtic Heroes and Warhammer Odyssey are still not operational, but the developer says throw the sponge : the games will not be restarted. The official Warhammer Odyssey website is no longer online and the Discord server has been removed.

Why such a fierceness of pirates? And why giving up so quickly? Difficult to say precisely, but the behavior of Virtual Realms has been the subject of interrogations from the players for several months now.

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A rumor suggested that the Virtual Realms teams would work on a new project, Legends of Elumia, taking the shape of a MMORPG PLAY-TO-EARN backed by DESNFT and Crypto-Coins . Asked by the player, the developer certainly confirmed to work on the game but only as a subcontractor of a third-party studio and this new project should not obey the continued development of Warhammer Odyssey. Administrative documents published by an anonymous source, however, tended to demonstrate that Virtual Realms was much more involved in the development of Legends of Elumia that initially announced or even that Virtual Realms was the main developer but without saying it too open to not suffer From the deleterious image of Play-to-Earn games (for the memory, the studio claimed a “old school” studio image). An approach that could explain the hostility of some players.

At the same time, the Play-to-Earn games for brewing crypto-currencies having a real value, they assume that players have sufficient confidence in their infrastructures to entrust them a virtual portfolio – we saw several play-to-ear games Getting haired, leading to the diversion of sometimes significant amounts of crypto-currencies. Perhaps Virtual Realms fears that Legends of ELUMIA be associated with Warhammer Odyssey’s security flaws. The studio may have makes the choice to sacrifice Warhammer Odyssey quickly (and to erase the traces) to focus on the development and operation of Legends of Elumia. The weeks and months to come will say if Legends of ELUMIA has a future, but some imagine that the source code of the new MMORPG would have been stolen at the same time as those of Celtic Heroes and Warhammer Odyssey – with the risk that the title is His turn attacked.
By then, we will hold that Warhammer Odyssey definitely closes its doors and that the developer has not been able to leave his servers open at least the time that players can play their goodbye.