Indie Daveroper’s Peaty Turf (Fuzzywobs) announced on April 7, the architectural sandbox game “ The Enjenir “. The compatible platform is PC (STeam) and will be released in 2022. It also corresponds to Japanese language display.

“The Enjenir” is an architectural sandbox game that is sticking to physical operation. Players will create various buildings as a medieval engineer. If you complete your work using the building you created, you can earn income and building materials. Loops with “architecture, work and rewards and further architecture” seems to be the basis of gameplay.

However, the architecture seems to be a muscle rope. Pretty full-scale physical operations have been introduced in this work, and the building is that real-time and accurate physical operations are applied from the completed side. Also, physical operations are also applied to player characters, and they have a desirement look like a manipulator doll. Each of the limbs can be operated with individual buttons, so it is likely to be one of the seven-rolling overall operation during operation. In addition, the architectural part itself can be densely built and edited by a highly convenient UI. With a full-fledged faction that can be used by structural engineering technology, it will be dependent on the player’s ability whether the building will be a hint or a fully act. It is likely to be attractive.

Architecture and Engineering - CADD

For the developer of this work, STeam is the name with Peaty Turf. On the other hand, Fuzzywobs publishes information such as main workload by Fuzzywobs on SNS. In both of the information sources, it is a structural engineering expert to develop development. It may only be the name difference for any reason. According to the site seen with the Peaty Turf official, developers are also involved in the architecture of nuclear power and infrastructure related facilities. For that reason, this work seems to be a pretty full architectural simulation aspect, contrary to the appearance that has been weakened.

“The Enjenir” will be released for 2022 for PC (STeam). It also corresponds to Japanese language display.