Nintendo Switch BIG Game Update JUST Dropped... + NEW Game Leak Appears!
Earlier this year, the exclusive game of Nintendo Switch Advance Wars: Reset camp 1 + 2 was delayed and a new release date was not provided. Nintendo did not explicitly declare that the game was delayed as a result of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, but the company cited “recent global events”, leaving enough clearly why the decision was made. The game was supposed to launch on April 8, and it seems that this was the case for a player. The Twitter Rachael user (@killetheth) revealed that she was able to play the game, after buying it and preload it. _ RESTICITE_CAMPORATION IN YOUR NINTENDO SWITCH LITE.

During the last days, Rachael has uploaded some videos and screens of the game, showing what she has been able to do so far. However, it seems that Nintendo has now realized the problem, canceled the purchase and returned what he paid. However, she apparently she was able to participate in some missions in advance, so she had the opportunity to experience more than the rest of the general public so far. The first Rachael tweet can be found embedded below.

It is not clear exactly how the problem happened. Rachael points out that she has a normal nintendo switch and a switch Lite, but only the last system was able to play _-reinitious_campment. Everything is quite strange, and it is not clear if this happened to someone else who bought it through Eshop. _ RESTICATION_CAMPOODO has been very expected by the fanatics of the original Games of Advance Wars, as well as by those who never had the opportunity to experience the series. The title of Switch is a new version of the first two Advance Wars games, which were initially launched in the Game Boy Advance System at the beginning of the 2000 decade.

Advance Wars: Reset Camp 1 + 2 will be launched exclusively in Nintendo Switch. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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