When you search for a specific Pokémon in Pokémon_ and _Bouclier, _ you must respect the type of weather conditions that appear and the map area. For example, you can only find Shinx on Challenge Road, Potbottom Desert, Training Lowlands and Challenge Beach while it’s raining or there is a storm. If you visit these places during any other meteorological condition, it is useless to meet 1. Rather than waiting, you can change the time and date settings for your Nintendo Switch to change the weather immediately. Although the method remains the same, it works a little differently with the island of armor.

You follow the same steps to change the weather from the moment you did it for the épée and bouclier wild z1. You want to close your Pokémon game on your Nintendo Switch, select your system settings, go to the System tab and select date and time options. You will then enter a new date to change the weather of your current part. In the base épée and bouclier game, you must enter the first of each month. For example, if you wanted a snowy weather, you change it on December 1st and the snow would be everywhere on Galar. However, with the island of armor, you want to select the 15th of the month.

Here are all dates of weather selections in Armor Island:

  • Normal: March / Sept / 15 Nov
  • Covered sky: 15 Feb.

How to CHOOSE the Weather in Isle of Armor Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC
* Rainy: April / 15 June
* Storm: July 15 / August
* Fog: January 15/15 October
* Dure sunlight: May 15 / Dec.
* Sandstorm: Random
* Milou: Not available
* Snowstorm: Not available

Because the island of Armor is mainly tropical, you will find neither snow nor snowstorm. Sandstorms are also unpredictable, which means you may need to run the days of your Nintendo Switch console to find an available for your game.