SEGAMO SWITCH (Representative, Saito) said Nintendo SWITCH ™ software “13 Cavalry Defense” is launched on April 14 (Thursday) today.

Commemorative Gift Campaign in ATLUS KOREA SNS, commemorating the release of this work. Let’s try to participate in the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

“13 Cavalry Defense”

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Nintendo Switch Review!
13 boys of girls who are drawn beyond the past and future city space
November 28, 2019 (Asia is released on March 19, 2020), after released as PlayStation®4, “I want to play back from the beginning,” I want to play again from the beginning, ” And awarded many awards at home and abroad.

In 1985, either ‘monster’ who had suddenly astonay, the ‘monsters’, which came to the ‘Heritage’, riding a huge robot called ‘Weapon’, and beyond the time of ‘destruction’.

The main character is 13. If you dig the story of the power, you will see the world of the world –

[Game system]
The story goes to the ‘Bongpu’, ‘Failure’, ‘Saving’ 3 part.
Adventure part ‘recovers’ to explore the truth of “fate of destruction” through events occurring in everyday life. “Saturdays” to enjoy the world with “cavalry” and fighting the world to protect the world.