The selection of streaming services is great these days. In addition to established sizes like Netflix and Prime Video specialized services such as Crunchyroll or the now also widely used Disney Plus ** are available. But these services are all charged.

In the really completely free streaming services, on the other hand, it sees rart from or is often the selection of movies and series – now – expandable. Now I want to counteract Amazon now with a new free service , which is going to start this year in Germany and is completely free.

What is Amazon Freevee?

The free range from Amazon already exists in the US title IMDB TV, but is renamed at the end of April in Freevee . The new name is reminiscent of the word “free”, (dt. Free) and the name is program, because freevee is completely free.

The offer is financed, as in the classic linear private television, via advertising. According to Amazon, the advertising blocks are marked in the timeline, How to also know that ofyoutube videos.

Of course, do not skip. For films it should give up five to a maximum of twelve short advertising blocks .

When does the new service start?


IMDb TV, or in the future, Freevee, running on Smart TVs and mobile devices, Apps appropriate for Germany to the market launch of the service.

When it starts exactly, Amazon has not yet revealed. It should be still 2022 so far.

What is available at Freevee?

In the US, where the free service is already available, IMDB TV currently has over 8,000 films and has around 1,500 series ** on offer.

For comparison: Also in the USA Prime video offers about 14,500 movies and nearly 3,000 series. With us in Germany it is almost 4,000 films and around 900 series – so much less.

Presumably, Freevee is therefore likely to include a significantly smaller assortment than in the USA, among other things for licensing reasons.

_What films and series are available in the free service? You read this below.

These movies and series stream your free

In the US, for example, there are classic, older series such as Dallas, Alf, Columbo, 24, Lost and Desperate Housewives. But also new originals are planned, which will only be given at Freevee. The movie offer also includes older movies such as Fear and Loading in Las Vegas and Lost in Translation, but also newer stripes, for example Knives out from 2019. Here are also new originals ** in Planning.

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