[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Wimade Play (Representative Lee Hoori) announced on the 15th that the social contribution event with the Mobile Games ‘Aqua Story’.

Exploring social and sensory barriers that impede play in public spaces | Chad Kennedy | TEDxModesto

The social contribution event is a rectangular area low-income vulnerable to the tactile treatment of a low-income vulnerable to the tactile treatment of the Aqua Story, as an event, which consumes a free content that is free of content that is produced in the game. It is contents.

The WMADE play donations will be used for support for seven disabilities for a year for a year, for a professional tactile treatment instructor.

The social contribution event, which is held in Aqua Story, will affirm the fish eggs for a week from April 16 to 22, and will go aim to earn 3 million healing hearts. Mobile SNG Aqua Story, which has a variety of creatures as a concept of ‘making a diverse’ as a concept, presents a poseidon altar that can acquire one thousand and rare fish for all users during the event period.

“Aqua Story is a mobile game that is a mobile game that is active in social networking,” Aqua Story is an expanding the meaning of social contributions, “said the team leader said.