You can find culinary collection items in each Lost Ark region. The search process or creating each of them can be difficult if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, below we collected all culinary collectibles for the continent of the cake. Although many of them require several steps, some need only to buy.

where to find all culinary collectibles in Tortoyk in Lost Ark

Below you will find all the cooking items in the foliant of the adventure crawler cake. For a more detailed description of any collectible items listed below, click on their name to go to a special page.

Pow Pow Honey Health Tonic

To make Pow Pow Honey Health Tonic, you need to find sweet-o-sweet honey. Telleri Sales Sweet-o-sweet honey in Village MOKOKO in cake . You can find it on a tree in the southeastern part of the map. It costs 190,000 silver Buy Sweet-o-sweet honey.

Then you will need to make a pow pow power honey tonic with supitsitsa . Supitsa is in G. Tavern MOKOKO northwest from Plaza whistle in MOKOKO Village . The POW POW Honey Tonic can be prepared with Silver 900 samples , which is incredibly cheap compared to the outrageous value of one ingredient. After you create and drink a Pow Pow honey wellness tonic, it will appear in your foliant adventure crawler.

Gift Plenty Plenty Mokoko

In Lost Ark, the gift package “probably probably mocoocked a little confusing, because players must look for another subject. To get a gift set “Probably probably, MOKOKO”, which can be collected in the “Book of Aventurist”, players must find “a lot, lots of wet.”

You can find Gift Plenty Plenty Mokoko in Suitotersky Forest B Cooker . Explore the most South edge of the cards south-east of Sweet fruit forest . The map above shows its location.

cashew smoothie

To make a smoothie from cashews and cashews, you will need several ingredients. You can buy the first ingredient, red berries. Cashew, in Village MOKOKO . Talk with Purpur on the east side G. Whistle Plaza . She will sell you red cashew berries for 30 000 silver . You need to buy at least 10 red cashew berries.

For one fine powder with cashews, you may have to try it more than once, so you may have to return more than once. Next you need to scream Cashew flour (coarse grinding) from Supitsa .

Supitsa is in G. Tavern MOKOKO northwest from Plaza whistle in MOKOKO Village . You can prepare cashew flour (coarse grinding) with 400 silver which will either become fine powder cashews or coarse powder cashew .

You can ask for Supitsa to cook a smoothie from the cashew if you have 10 coarse cashew powders and 2 small cashew powder. The cost will be 1400 silver ; After purchase, right-click to add it to your foliate adventurist.

Egg Egg Egg Skym

To get an egg sick, you need a boiled egg mocoko. You can buy a boiled egg MOKOK Village MOKOKO . Talk to Purpur on the east side Plaza Whistle . It will sell you a boiled egg MOKOK for 100 000 silver . The map above shows where it is located.

Wait exactly one minute while boiled egg wet turns in Egg Egg Egg Skump . Now you have one minute to click on it right mouse button. Two minutes later, Eggy eggy Egg Eggy will turn into Yucky Yucky Cooked Screw Egg . You cannot save an egg after it becomes Yucky Yucky Cooked by screwed egg, and you must pay another 100,000 silver for a new boiled egg okoko.

Sweet sweet uterine milk

Before you cook a sweet uterine milk, you need to find honeycombs . You can find Honeycomb on the northwestern side Sea forest . It is located on the southern outskirts Garden of wildflowers , in front of some cliffs. The exact location is noted on the map above.

All Tortoyk Cooking Lost Ark

You must attribute it to Supitsa Mastery Sweet Sweet Royal Milk .

Supitsa is in Tavern MOKOKO northwest from Plaza whistle . It can prepare a sweet sweet uterine milk for 1400 silver . As soon as it is created, you can right-click on the sweet uterine jelly to add it to your folio foliar adventure.

Fried shell with crunch

To prepare a crispy fried shell, you will need Egg creation shell . The sink eggs of creation can be found at the very northern end of the body of the dungeon dungeon right before the climb on the rock aside Village Tontuk . You will find it next to a bunch of sad blocks and Captain Totoiki **. Look for a blinding light in which you can enter.

You must attribute it to the soup Create Crunch Crunch Friend Shell .

Supitsa is in G. Tavern MOKOKO northwest from Plaza whistle in MOKOKO Village . For 1400 silver, You can make Crunch Crunch Friend Shell. Right-click the CRUNCH CRUNCH FRIEND envelope to add it to your foliary adventurer after it is created.

in half, dip and pour

You need to get broken bowl for sauce and pouring Before you create a half and half, plunge and fill. You can get a broken bowl for macania and pouring, only applying a deadly blow to Caspali, the world boss of a cake.

Caspial lies east of Incidental Steppe . Caspille is not easy to win, he has 1,967,454 hits and 23 strips of life. Low speed of Caspiel allows us to relatively easily evade its attacks. Other monsters will attack him if you encounter it. It is unlikely that you have it from the first time, as you put the last blow may not be easy. To create Half and Half, Dip and Pour, you must bring a broken bowl for immersion and pouring Suice.

Suice is located in Tavern MOKOKO north-west from Whistle Plaza Village Moqoko . Having 1,700 silver, you can cook “half half”, “dip and pour”. After you create, you can right-click “Half and half, dip and pour” to add it to your foliary adventure crawler.

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