Nintendo Switch players and players, you miss scary titles and want some cold sweats to change a bit of Pokémon and Kirby? It’s good, Tornedd Souls arrives on the Nintendo Hybrid Console, and we suggest you equip you from our full game guide to survive…


A survival-horror on Nintendo Switch, admit that a long time ago that such an event had not arrived! Tornedd Souls, last creation of the Abstract Digital Works studio, finally arrives on the Nintendo hybrid machine just over 6 months after its first publication on PC and PS5). This title efraysys awards the standards posed in the 90s with resident Evil or other Silent Hill, with a fixed camera in tribute to these legends of the genre. It puts you in the skin of Carolina Walker, A young woman whose life will switch by receiving a strange letter from the Wildberger Hospital. To solve the puzzles of this title for the least twisted and scary in the best conditions, we propose to find our complete solution of Tormeted Souls!

complete solution of TorMetd Souls

In Tormeted Souls, The heroine wakes up in a bath inside the strange Wildberg hospital, and of course, without having any idea how she came there. The scenario of Tormerd Souls is filled with mystery, between its monsters, its secrets and all its puzzles to be solved . In order to help you progress in the adventure and, above all, to know the end of the history of the adventures of Caroline, we suggest you find below our complete soluce of Tormeted Souls :

  • Start
  • Main hall
  • Operating room
  • Basement
  • Doors with combinations
  • The keys to the mausoleum
  • Mausoleum
  • Sewers
  • Bunker
  • End


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STE CONFERCLAGE CONSOLE… good the one is not so old I even have a good time if we can say that, but from there to redeem it again and more with graphics down no thanks

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