The day many had been waiting for finally. After a couple of months as an exclusive film, _ The Batman_ is now available in HBO Max at no additional cost.

The Batman | Opening Scene | HBO Max
This is, at this time you can now enter the Warner Bros. and HBO streaming platform, to see one of the most acclaimed superhero films of recent years. _ The Batman_ You can enjoy your subscription to HBO Max. You do not need to pay to access this tape.

On this occasion, The Batman presents a new version of the knight of the night, now played by Robert Pattinson. Here, the Gothic city hero faces The Riddler, a villain who wants to sow chaos, and thus revenge on all those who wounded him in the past.

On related topics, we already know when the Blu-ray of The Batman will be on sale. Similarly, the Joker of this tape would return in the Arkham series for HBO Max.

Editor’s note:

The Batman is a fantastic movie. After seeing her twice in the cinema, I can not wait to have three free hours and enjoy this tape once again in the comfort of my house, something that I will surely repeat once the Blu-ray of the tape reaches my hands.