Unsouled is a dynamic two-dimensional role-playing game, released on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. It seems that the game can accommodate more than one player, but it is not.

Is there a cooperative in unsouled?

The developer pointed out the game as a single user on its page in Steam. This means that players will not be able to play the game with friends. The game claims to RPG, so it would be logical that the players focus on the plot and battles.

Gameplay is more focused on fighting and looks like a game in the genre of Roguelike or Souls. It is difficult to keep the game inexorable and difficult when two players can be on the screen. It would be nice to see in the future the duel or mechanics mode in the future so that a multiplayer aspect can be submitted. We will need to wait for a complete release to see the developer Neowiz adds to the game.

Unsouled leaves early access to Steam and proceeds to the full version of the game. Those who have a gaming pass will see that this game will enter the catalog after the release.

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