Released in 2011, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is a work that has marked by its aestheticism and atmosphere. She has seduced many owners from Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 before wearing, ten years later, on PC! Although his gameplay has aged, El Shaddai remains a very interesting experience to discover and the title will soon be available on Nintendo Switch!


Referring to the Almighty God in the Old Testament, El Shaddai is a game of action / adventure retranscribe the events of Hebrew mythology, and more precisely the book of Hénoch. Directed by Takeyasu Sawaki, Designer on multiple Productions (Devil May Cry, Steel Battalion, Infinite Space, Okami, God Wars: Future Past or Gravity Rush 2), the title stores Epoch who goes down to earth to face Déchus Angels. Despite some inaccuracies in the gameplay, El Shaddai is an ultra-seductive game visually. Under the contours of this videoludic proofreading of the Old Testament writing, the Japanese developer and his team plunge the player into a platform mixture and fighting. Sometimes 3D, sometimes 2D, the title is open to shoot sequences! Certainly, the whole is slightly remotely (on rails will say the oldest) and repetitive, but the artistic work forces respect. Mixing pastel colors and more cried shades, the work hangs from a thousand forms until To propose passages from an infinite beauty reminiscent of masters or Japanese prints.

El Shaddai arrives on Nintendo Switch

As of April 28, the interested parties will be able to take advantage of a video giving all the necessary information about the arrival of the game on Nintendo Switch. It is indeed this date that marks the 11th anniversary of El Shaddai and so we can estimate that the wait should not be too long for those who want to relive the book of Hénoch, way video game, on their console.

Devil May Cry for Nintendo Switch | First 15 Minutes of Gameplay (Direct-Feed Switch Footage)

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